Why were the former top managers of Eurostandard Bank convicted?

What is known about the accused? Gnezdich and Oldman were not available — they left Russia for Serbia. The organizers entrusted the export of cash to certain representatives of the “legal entity”. Now he is under a ban on certain actions, the newspaper writes. The perpetrators of the theft recognized Gnezdich and Oldman. Vazhnatkina was first put under ten-month house arrest, then the preventive measure was changed to a written undertaking not to leave. Moreover, according to the investigation, the latter may be the alleged owner of the bank. Exactly one year after that, Serbia extradited Gnezdich to Russia, who continues to be in custody. Have the stolen money been found? And only in August 2022, the Tverskoy District Court of Moscow arrested her in absentia. The Moscow city prosecutor's office approved the indictment of two former top managers of the bankrupt bank “Evrostandard” for embezzlement of five million dollars, Kommersant reports. Although later the RF IC named a completely different person as the owner of this bank. In February 2020, Oldman returned to Russia, informing the police about this. Although this fact was confirmed by numerous testimonies of witnesses and the accused. The first replaced Vazhnatkina as the head of the bank two months before the license of the financial institution was revoked. Both are on the international wanted list. So far, the final beneficiaries of the credit institution — Oskin appears in the case only as an adviser to the chairman of the board of the bank. What is the essence of the matter? During the investigation of the case, Vazhnatkina was detained. Former and. In particular, as part of the investigation of a criminal case on embezzlement (part 4 of article 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), more than half a billion rubles from DS-Bank was detained by its former owner Ildar Klebleev. He was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison. 
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Источник The investigation is sure that “financially responsible persons” were involved in the theft, since no hacking of the vault was recorded. According to the materials of the case, the stolen funds have not yet been found. They exchanged the stolen dollars at Globexbank for 295 million rubles. about. Deputy Chairman of the Board of the credit institution Natalya Vazhnatkina and Daria Gnezdich, as well as the former adviser of the latter Oleg Oldman.The investigators name the organizers of the crime Vazhnatkina and bank employee Anastasia Oskina, who has been put on the international wanted list. According to investigators, on the night of November 23-24, 2017, five million dollars disappeared from the bank vault. according to the department, in 2016 he and his accomplices laundered 350 million rubles from DS-Bank, acquiring a 100% stake in the authorized capital of CB Eurostandard; writes the publication. All defendants are involved in a criminal case of embezzlement by fraud (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) of five million dollars. As for Oskina, after long litigation, it was almost impossible to prove her involvement in the management of the bank. He spent more than a year in prison.