What is known about the prevention of a terrorist attack by Ukrainian special services on the gas pipeline?

In addition, during the search, the man was found with gadgets with which he corresponded and called up with the curator from the SBU, a scheme for assembling an explosive device, instructions for transferring money and coordinates of the place where the terrorist attack was committed. Photo: RIA Novosti/TsOS FSB RF
What kind of gas pipeline? The FSB also published an operational video of the detention offender. How was the artist detained? The Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation prevented a sabotage and terrorist act on the gas pipeline. His location and other details are not specified. In addition to the perpetrator, the security forces detained four accomplices of the Ukrainian special services. According to the FSB, the perpetrator of the prevented crime was detained upon discovery of the hiding place. It was prepared by the Ukrainian special services. Further on the frames — the contents of the hiding place, which the officers laid out on the ground in front of the detainee. Photo: RIA Novosti/TsOS FSB RF
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Источник What is known about the perpetrator of the planned sabotage? At the end of the video, the commandos are shown leading the man to the official vehicle. It shows how the security forces found a cache in the forest zone and a man in a black hat and camouflage clothes. From it, service officers seized two high-power improvised cumulative explosive devices. The attack was to be carried out by a citizen of the Russian Federation born in 1978, who was recruited on the territory of Ukraine by SBU officers. These are citizens of the Russian Federation who were engaged in the preparation of sabotage. They wanted to carry out a terrorist attack on an oil and gas facility through which energy carriers are supplied to Turkey and European countries. His name was not disclosed. This was announced on Wednesday, September 22, at the Public Relations Center of the department.