Touchline – Lucky You Lyrics

The one who dies before his friends
Or the one that has to watch his friends die? (Who’s lucky? [intro]
Lucky you
[Verse1 : TouchLine ]
Lucky you if pain and hunger aren’t your encouragement
Lucky you if your home has more food than arguments
Lucky you if your hood actually wants to see you flourishing
Lucky you if they don’t find joy in your stumbling
Lucky you if jealousy and witchcraft don’t get you
Lucky you if your dad didn’t run when your mama was pregnant
Lucky you if you ain’t lose friends from suicides and accidents
Lucky you if you ain’t have to pray in the back of an ambulance
I know I don’t, pray enough
And when I do, I don’t say enough
I hardly say grace when I eat
I never say thanks when I sleep
I’m scared if I, carry on with this foolish cowardness
I’ll be powerless by the time I get all my flowers and
All my accolades, I will lose them within an hour
And made lot of friends, I get compliments
Then I’m confident, I get lost in the
Side of honor, saying I’m the man
I’m not proud of it, but undoubtedly
I’m just out of it, tryna find a thing
That inspires me, Im entirely
Losing sight of it, it was inside of me
Now it’s driving me, Mad! I’m just scared I won’t make it home
And if I do they’ll be no one there
Some people were sent to help you fail
I’m just lucky I came prepared, lucky me
And when things change, so do people
Never be afraid to show the real you
Love and pain always come as equal
You made it just in time(yeah)
You made it just in time, to see a young nigga shine
You made it just in time, to watch a nigga in his prime
You made it just in time, to see a young nigga shine
You made it just in time, to watch a young nigga in his prime (Who’s lucky? )
The person who’s rich with cancer
Or the beggar that’s really healthy and fine?