The State Duma approved in the first reading a bill on strengthening the protection of personal data

At the same time, a restriction is introduced on the processing of biometric personal data of minors, », — said in a press release from the State Duma. Rate the material
Источник This will be possible only with the consent of the owner of the object. They will also be required to inform about the intention to transfer PD abroad. Personal data operators after the adoption of the law will be required to immediately report cyber attacks and data leaks. The proposed amendments should strengthen the protection of personal data (PD ) citizens, including passport data, information about real estate, air travel, as well as data that allows the identification of military personnel and law enforcement officers. Finally, the deputies propose to introduce the extraterritoriality of the application of Russian legislation on personal data. Earlier, Roskomnadzor proposed to tighten liability for theft and trade in personal data. In addition, the bill introduces new rules for providing personal data from the USRN. “It also establishes a direct ban on refusing to provide services to citizens if they are not ready to provide their personal data (including biometrics), even if necessary. Deputies of the State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill aimed at strengthening the protection of personal data of Russians, the press service of the lower house of parliament reports. In some cases, the transfer will be limited.