The man’s voice remains. How a school teacher saved a pensioner in Mariupol

There was only one voice left of the man I knew. According to her aunt, volunteers found her and sent her to a nursing home. I was scared. Three old people have already left home to relatives due to the fact that the volunteers of the public movement “Careful” found their relatives and helped to organize a trip to Russia. When the volunteers found him and asked if he knew Ustinia Terentievna, the man volunteered to go and pick up his own aunt. I remember well how Mariupol residents were in love with their city, they were proud of it.< /p>
My aunt worked in the trade, then her son was still alive. She lived in a nine-story building. Photo: TG-channel "Not indifferent"
How a pensioner ended up in a nursing home
While we were driving in the car, Aunt Nina told what it was like to be under the Nazi regime in Ukraine. Here is Mikhail's story from first person. «Even Misha, you can imagine what      us here in Mariupol is going on!» — she cried into the phone. After the hospital, Aunt Nina was promised to be sent to a rehabilitation center. Now Mom is doing the paperwork — Russian citizenship, passport, documents for social payments. The man fell ill in the early 2000s, and the doctors did not save him. I replied that yes and asked how I can help her? Therefore, psychological rehabilitation is also ahead. According to her mother, her sister has a mental disorder, she constantly feels hungry. Aunt Nina was happy to see me, we cried together, she agreed to leave. She was like a skeleton covered in leather, so thin. In recent years, my aunt lived alone. Mom called the "hot line", and Aunt Nina was admitted to the hospital. The way home
Today, the volunteers have completed the search for 13 of 39 stories of the Mariupol Nursing Home guests. She lay motionless, you can't put her on her side, it hurts what to feed — I didn know. When the special operation (SVO) began in February 2022, I no longer hoped to see her, especially since her legs hurt. I was surprised at their well-coordinated work, I bow to for their work. I haven't seen her for more than eight years. After the humanitarian aid was handed out , we went to a nursing home, where we sheltered my aunt. Then she hid in basements, starved, because she was afraid to go out into the street». Rate the material
Источник And in a conversation with a social worker, she talked about a relative who lives in Krasnodar Territory. At that moment, the allied troops had just liberated the city from Ukrainian units. The news was told to my mother in Astrakhan, she immediately said that she was ready to receive her sister. In                 there was a military coup in               She replied that this was impossible, since people were not allowed out of the country and that she cannot talk everything by phone. On the road, I was restless, I was afraid that I would not deliver. On stretcher we transferred her to car. A lot of bureaucratic red tape needs to be overcome. People were all in soot, they smelled of burning. Mikhail takes Aunt Nina from Mariupol to Russia. “Ustinia is recovering, her skin has turned pink, her cheeks have appeared, she has become like a man”, — my mom says. A 49-year-old man works as a music teacher at a school. She asked if does me know Ustiniya Goncharov? Plot Russian special operation in Donbass and Ukraine

A resident of Labinsk, Krasnodar Territory Mikhail (he asked not to name his surname) saved his own aunt — 77-year-old Ustiniya Terentyevna Goncharova, who was hiding from Ukrainian shelling in the cellars of Mariupol. Ukrainian soldiers ordered her to leave the apartment, as they had set up a firing point there. Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine knocked on her apartment and said: open the door or we will break it open. Aunt Nina
Ustiniya Terentievna — this is my aunt Nina, my mother's sister from Mariupol. I didn knew what to give to eat
When I saw Aunt Nina, I got scared. Mariupol residents were very hungry, their eyes were empty, they looked at each other with suspicion. I remember how in 80s I came to to this beautiful city, it was then called Zhdanov.    I just came out, and        the house collapsed. Mariupol appeared before me as a ghost town, destroyed and deserted, on the right bank — shot at the Azovstal plant. Volunteers helped a lot — changed her clothes, changed diapers. I couldn't even imagine what was waiting me in just-liberated Mariupol…

People in soot and smell of burning 
Volunteers brought dry rations, other provisions and  ;humanitarian. I arrived at the border checkpoint Veselo-Voznesenka (Rostov region), where I met with volunteers, and we went to Mariupol. She couldn walk with her feet. Perhaps God moves them and gives them strength. I think they are doing a powerful thing — they carry food to people in their personal cars, help those in need. «There was a gunner on the roof who coordinated the target, on the upper floors there were snipers, — Aunt Nina recalled. Volunteers traveled "points" and handed out provisions to people. Ustinia Terentievna divorced her husband early, she raised her son alone. Aunt Nina visits her sister in Astrakhan. Photo:  TG-channel "Careful"
Aunt Nina's rehabilitation
We took Aunt Nina to Astrakhan, to my mother, then there is her own sister. I saw a letter from volunteer Larisa. She opened the door, which means she was still walking on crutches.