The main points from Vladimir Putin’s address on partial mobilization

Volunteers are fighting alongside them. About nuclear weapons< /p>

“Nuclear blackmail is also in play. Mobilization activities will begin on September 21. This is not a bluff.”
“Those who are trying to blackmail Russia with nuclear weapons should know that the wind rose can turn in their favor.”

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Vladimir Putin
Politician, President of Russia
October 7, 1952
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Источник We use all means to protect our people. Already after the start of the NWO, representatives of Kyiv reacted positively to Russia's proposals, “but it is obvious that the peaceful solution did not suit the West.”


“We we have no moral right to hand over loved ones to be torn to pieces by executioners, we cannot but respond to their sincere desire to determine their own fate. The decree clarifies that the categories of citizens who are granted the right to deferment are determined by the government. Instructions were given to determine the status of volunteers, as well as the military of the DPR and LPR. It was followed by a speech by Minister of Defense Shoigu. The right to defermentwill be received by employees of the military-industrial complex for the period of work in such organizations. Students and conscripts are not subject to mobilization. Read on RBC Pro Pro Is it worth waiting for a wave of defaults on the Russian bond market Articles Pro Which European country's visa is easiest to get in 2022 trading: how to evict it Pro IPO instructions during the storm: why Porsche is going public right now Pro articles Exercised even while driving: how actor Bruce Lee trained a garden without screaming and panic: 7 tips Instructions
Immediately in the morning, a decree on mobilization was published on the Kremlin website. The call will be “precisely from the reserve”; — those who served, those who have a military specialty. The document says that mobilization is carried out in accordance with the law “On mobilization training and mobilization in the Russian Federation”. <…> We will support the decision that the people there make.”

On mobilization

The decree on partial mobilization is signed. To those who allow such statements, I would like to remind you that our country also has such funds at its disposal. Citizens who are currently in the reserve, primarily those who served, will be called up. It should be the same as that of the regular Russian military. On the morning of September 21, Vladimir Putin made a televised address and announced partial mobilization. Following Putin's appeal, television showed explanations by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu about partial mobilization.. Mobilized they will definitely undergo separate training taking into account the experience of the special operation. According to this law, citizens who are in the reserve and do not have the right to deferment are subject to conscription for mobilization. Russian units are acting systematically, taking care of their personnel. The main thing is in the RBC material
Vladimir Putin
About the special operation and referendums

The main goals of the operation— liberation of the entire territory of Donbass— have been and remain unchanged. p>

300 thousand reservists will be called up— the work will be carried out according to plan, not one-time, “there is no provision for a wide-cut harvester.”
Partial mobilization will affect 1% or a little more of the total resource. The grounds for dismissal from military service during the period of mobilization: by age; for health; entry into force of a court verdict related to deprivation of liberty.