The lawyer told whether Pugacheva can be recognized as a foreign agent at her request

with reference to lawyer Sergei Zhorin. At the same time, the Ministry of Justice may consider information published on the social network to be a political appeal, even if the person involved is not related to politics, but, for example, sings songs. Zhorin added that foreign agents often face a decrease in the number of advertisers, as they are associated with extremism, they are afraid to enter into contracts and transfer money. Rate the material
Источник Recall that the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation entered Galkin into the register of individuals-foreign agents on September 16. He recalled that one of the grounds for inclusion in the list of foreign agents – political activity. Earlier, Pugacheva asked to be added to the list of foreign agents after her husband Maxim Galkin* appeared on this list. Thus, the lawyer noted, “anyone” can be recognized as a foreign agent in Russia ;. In the law, there is no such basis for inclusion in the list of foreign agents, as a personal desire, which the artist Alla Pugacheva recently expressed. At the same time, they can still include it in the list, Channel Five reports. Showman  stated that he “does not sell his thoughts” and “does not buy someone else's.”
* An individual acting as a foreign agent. Therefore, it is possible that Pugacheva's wish will come true.