The lawyer announced the seizure of “small amounts” and discount cards from Dodon

According to them, searches, in addition to the houses of the ex-president and Merineanu, also took place at the former security officer Liliana Filipov and at the headquarters of the Moldovan-Russian Business Union, the founder of which is Dodon. wrote that during searches of Dodon and his relatives they found half a million lei and tens of thousands of euros

Igor Dodon and employees of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office and the Information and Security Service of Moldova
The ex-president of Moldova, Igor Dodon, who was detained the day before in a criminal case, was seized “small amounts of money”, discount cards and other things interesting to the investigation, RIA Novosti reported. The video was published by ex-deputy Iurie Renita in 2020. According to Lebedinsky, the prosecutor's office conducted searches not only at Dodon's, but also in other places in order to “link third parties with him personally”. Dodon was detained for 72 hours the day before, a case was opened against him under four articles of the Criminal Code: 337 (treason), 1812 (recognition of the financing of a political party as a criminal organization), 343 (passive corruption) and 330.2 (illicit enrichment). per month: how much No-code developers get Articles Pro Two cases of how to retain employees using stay-interviews Cases
The case against the ex-president was brought because of the recording of his meeting with the former head of the Democratic Party Moldova by Vladimir Plahotniuc. “Small amounts of money and everything that the prosecutors considered interesting for the case were confiscated from him, — any drafts, discount cards and things like that,— said the defense counsel. What to expect Articles Pro Ceiling above 700 thousand rubles. The ex-president himself considers all the accusations against him to be political. The sources of the publication said that during searches, law enforcement agencies found about 500 thousand lei (about $26 thousand) and tens of thousands of euros. The video also shows that Dodon and Plahotniuk are discussing the creation of a coalition in parliament that would have a constitutional majority. The lawyer added that in addition to the ex-president, his wife's brother, Petr Merinyanu, was detained. According to him, he has explanations for each of the suspicions. The detention of brother-in-law Dodon was also reported by sources to During the searches conducted the day before, prosecutors confiscated everything they considered interesting for the case, the lawyer said. Read on RBC Pro Pro Take my place: five main principles of customer focus Instructions Pro The Russian economy did not collapse after the sanctions. How foreign media explain this Articles Pro Which ruble is beneficial for the state – strong or weak? In it, the Plahotnyuks, his deputy Serhiy Yaralov, hand over to Dodon a package in which, according to the ex-deputy, there was a large amount of money. Articles Pro How a participant in public procurement to defend their rights in a period of change: 5 tips Instructions Pro Dollar at 180: foreign analysts – about the real exchange rate of the ruble Articles Pro Lockdowns in China threaten a new logistical crisis. his lawyer Maxim Lebedinsky. Article content Authors Tags Subscribe to VK RBC Get news faster than anyone else