DRUMMAKID – Mojo lyrics

[Verse 1]
Young nigga I got the mojo 
Came in the cut and I’m dolo 
I gotta pose for the photo
I can not love her she know tho’

Oeh watch me spit on them whores 
She ride that dick like a horse
Mojo I got the force
I’m out of dope give me more

Feeling like Tupac Shakur
Henny and pussy galore
Body like Lira Galore
Baby I’m high as a heesh

Still got my feet on the floor 
Soon as I get it I’m gone 
Got cannabis in my lungs
I need that money like meetch

[Hook] 2x
Mojo mojo mojo

[Verse 2]
I can’t stop havin’ that drive
Fuck your piece of the pie
Boy I aim for the whole thing 
Cause niggas out here gon’ die

Me and woes gon’ strive 
I be damned if a nigga go broke
Like a dm I slide
Gotta let it drip like a boat

Goons out here stay woke
Time to put the game in a choke hold
Shorty wanna have a puff
Make sure that you don’t choke ho

Boy I’m in it too deep
I ain’t gotta play for keeps
This one here is for the lowlife lowlife
This one here is for the streets yeah yeah

Blogs be telling the cops
Handshaking with the ops
I gotta keep my distance 
I can not be your witness

I know they feel the difference 
This shit it written like scriptures
They can not get in the picture
Noooo you got sit back and listen

Double 20 homie that be the vision 
Missionary for I go on a mission 
Commissary we got all the provisions 
They can not mess with the mojo I know it for sure tho’ I got it for sure tho’

[Hook] 2x
Mojo mojo mojo


XXXTentacion Claims He Is A Better Rapper Than Tupac

Yes, you heard that right, XXXTentacion claims he is a better rapper than Tupac.

Certainly, he is not the first young rapper to claim that they are better than the late Tupac Shakur, just last year Kodak Black also echoed the same line. Pac is the benchmark for how good of a rapper you’re these days but ever so often some young cat overstep the bounds and say they are better than the West Coast legend. During his recent chat with DJ Akademiks, the Lauderhill rapper insisted that he is better than Pac while raising some eyebrows.

“I’m better than 2Pac, bro,” XXXTentacion insisted. “Please don’t compare me to him…Please don’t. 2Pac can’t make rock music. 2Pac couldn’t do that. 2Pac didn’t do that. 2Pac was a dancer and a poet and a rapper.” Akademiks then reminded him of Tupac’s credentials as a revolutionary figure in hip hop and X says he doesn’t care and continues his rant. “I don’t give a f***, there’s plenty of revolutionaries. What about Joyner Lucas?”

XXXTentacion then admitted that he is a big fan of The Notorious B.I.G. and thinks that Biggie is better than Tupac. He added that he wanted to spark a new debate about Tupac and Biggie while claiming the B.I.G. was a better rapper and better poet. “I think Biggie’s better, as far as a rapper,” he continues. “Tupac could articulate himself very well, but Biggie was a better poet.”

In his lengthy rant, XXXTentacion says he blame both rap legends for the current levels of gun violence among young kids, saying they should’ve put their differences aside and battle it out rather than kill each other. But let’s be clear, there is no evidence that Biggie Smalls had anything to do with Tupac’s murder. Notorious B.I.G.’s killing is widely seen as a reprisal for the death of Tupac.

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Tupac Shakur Murder Weapon Lost and Then Destroyed

Tupac Shakur‘s alleged murder weapon was first lost and now its found or at least the mystery surrounding it has been solved.

Earlier this month, TMZ reported that a .40 caliber Glock that is believed to be the gun used to kill Tupac has gone missing from law enforcement custody. The Glock was found in Compton back in 1998 and ballistic testing showed then that it matches the gun used to kill the legendary West Coast rapper in 1996. Since then no one really knows what happened to the gun until now we learned it might have been destroyed and the feds were among the last law enforcement agencies to handle the weapon.

Las Angeles PD and Las Vegas police are unsure where the gun is or what happened to it and conspiracy theories are hounding in. The weapon was not just a possible match for the Tupac murder, it was also a match to another unsolved murder committed in Las Vegas. Law enforcement sources say the gun was sent to Las Vegas Metro PD who conducted their own ballistic testing and found out that the gun was not a match to Tupac’s case, but was a match to the other murder case.

The last known info about the infamous Glock is that it was in storage up until 2013 and from there it was likely destroyed along with a stockpile of weapons. Tupac Shakur was shot four times in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996. He died in the hospital six days later.

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