Tunde Olaniran – Diamonds Lyrics (feat. IRAWniQ & Passalacqua)

Cause I’m wishin that she won’t tick
I’m a fiend for a discount
While I dream of a penthouse
Bought my jeans from a thrift shop
And made a scene for a discount
Baby I just trynna get on payroll
But my credit’s been bad since like a day old
Sallie Mae up on my line that hoe on hold
I’m too busy plottin how to get a bankroll
I’ll set it off in this mutha’ if I have to
Ten more session on this muf**kin’ tattoo
My record deal like my credit card: past due
“you shouldn’t spend what you ain’t got,”
Bitch I ain’t ask you
We never had nothing
See and now I’m gon’ get it
Advance me some dollars
And you know I’m gon’ spend it
Eaten calamari, stuntin in that ‘rari
I’m offended if you think
That shit ain’t rented, I’m broke, hoe
Tremble in the system with a grip on a buck
They say “jump”
You lick the boot that came outcha butt
Vote yes drugs tests
Man, poverty sucks
Just a hospital stay away from losing it all
I told myself to be better
That better fate would fall in place
Momma promised she’d never
But “never” became the ground in my face
Fake Miss Marple got the nerve and the gall
Huntin down panhandlers who beg near the mall
Ryan lived and died with the dirt in his paws
You mad they try to snatch
A little joy from the jaws? Just rezone
You just wanna sell my home
You ain’t forgive no loan
You won’t turn my water back on
Just turn my water back on
[Verse 2: Passalacqua]
Surf board
I’m kinda bored
Take me to water world
Not of this world
This place is doomed
So the players sit in space
Coz that’s what players do
We need a day or two to troubleshoot
And do the things we wanna do
Better be World War III
When they summon me
Ask can I move something
“Show me what you got”
They like “ooo nothing”
[Verse 3: Passalacqua]
Do a lot of tweeting
While I’m sitting on the shitter
Mind foggy like my tap water
Gotta get a Brita
That and a brand new spatula
So I can make an omelette for my baby
Talking cheese on cheese
Fresh parm and feta
Never one to skimp
On that crushed red pepper
I’m drinking all your coffee
Can’t find my passport
First of the month and I’m dodging my landlord
Sorry Martini
So sorry
You know how it goes
[Chorus x6] You don’t like me? [Chorus]
No ice on my hands
No diamonds in my grill
Don’t drive a Mercedes
I’ma keep it real
Nothing in my pocket
But a five-dollar bill
Guess I’ll go to Taco Bell
And get a combo meal
[Verse 1: Irawniq]
I swear to God
I don’t wanna be a broke chick
But I’m feeling like a broke chick
Couple diamonds in the bezel of my Audemar
Michael J.