Pete Molinari – When Two Worlds Collide Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I lie awake babe
The hour is late babe
And I got a hurting
Here inside
My eyes go dim babe
Something within me
And I just can’t shake it
Off my mind
My mind
[Chorus 1]
Well can you see me? You said go freely
But I’m lonely
And I can’t read the sign
When you can’t speak from crying
Your so helplessly trying
That’s what happens when two worlds collide
[Verse 2]
Gotta hand upon the truth
Relinquish it to you
The truth is we are one somehow
So far gone is yesterday
Tomorrow finds a way
But you’re all that matters
To me now
[Chorus 2]
What can you tell me? And we aught to be
Hurt by pride
By pride
The lights go dim babe
It is no sin babe
I know it may
Be a crime
A crime
[Chorus 3]
Well now I see you
These words there said true
For I knew
That something had died
When these feelings within overcome ya and win
It’s what happens when two worlds collide I say it slowly
If only
You’ll see how I tried
Your heart’s beating so fast like it’s broken in half
It’s what happens when two worlds collide
[Verse 3]
Oh I want you
And I need you
Baby feel your love
I lie awake babe
Is it too late babe?