Vic Rivers – Enter The Void Lyrics

Don’t wanna take pills, the THC heals
An expensive thrill, when you hate how you feel
You hate what’s real, only one way to deal
This life lost appeal, with no repeal
The years just fly, I gotta get by, so still I try
I hate my life, so I gotta get
Cleaned my life, it didn’t get clearer
And I don’t know who that man is in the mirror
When it comes to regrets I got plenty
How I waste away my 20s
Don’t wanna be sober right now
I know that I’m older right now
Life’s crazy don’t want to be here
I’m lazy don’t want to be there
No love but the hatred is fond of me
In the void I’m alone it bonds with me
Anger inside is festering
Fears in my ear, they pestering
Made songs with a Shinigami
Death Note theme song by Johnny
Tell God can’t live no more
Tell Satan can’t give no more
Sold Preme, sold Jays, sold gold
Offer Up, LetGo my soul
Worse fear is growing old
With a story that never gets told
Guess I’m Dorian Gray, with the picture I paint
And they tell me just pray, sinner no saint
Still trying to get saved, from the fall from grace
Cradle to the grave, fell flat on my face
Suicidal thoughts they push me off I’m falling
Hold up check my phone I hear the drugs calling
It’s the Void
Starting to lose my soul, see it in these eyes
Is this a dream or a nightmare in disguise
Too much time in the jungle with the snakes
Am I real or the only one fake
Tired spending all these Holidays alone
I keep on calling love, you won’t pick up the phone
Where you rest when your home isn’t home
Staying in, but your mind likes to roam
Up all night, keep living out these nightmares
Sleep at day having daydreams that don’t fight fair
You can die today, you never really know
Just a slave to life, you rarely freely go
Choose a religion, you take your life you go to Hell
This life it burns, maybe then you might as well
They rap in jest but I really seen demons
Am I cursed cause I’m living like a heathen
Santeria said these evil spirits follow me
Waiting for the void to come and swallow me
Suicidal thoughts they push me off, I’m falling
Hold up check my phone, I hear my demons calling
It’s the Void