Sasha Grey As Wife – Larkin Love Lyrics

Give me a glass of your eyes
And see my soul so deep inside
Nothing can change all about it
I believe, the love it’s cry, pain, devotion and a bed of lies
Nothing can change all about it
So here we go, this is my last heart
So here we go, I can’t live anymore
It’s my curse
Reach the shore another time to say “it’s fine”
It’s your curse
Say hello and say goodbye with the same eyes
That changes my life…
E eu tentei te mostrar
Que não dá pra viver assim, sem mim…
Jamais abrirei mão do meu ser
Pois espero quem justamente o abrace
Exatamente da forma como ele é
E assim te abraço
So here we go, this is my last song
So here we go, I can feel, you’re alone
E dizíamos que não dava pra viver um sem o outro
Eu me lembro de você chorando no meu celular
Logo batizamos Davi e Sofia
Mas agora estamos distantes, aqui e ali, talvez bem
Everyone says I look bad and I pretend indifference
But what you see it’s all about me, it’s me! Wi-Fi turned off and baton on the wall
No foods or drinks can ***** me now
I’m hurt inside, I’m feeling so down
Black Jack, silver rings, vacations on the streets
Partys, dinners and free weeks
AC/DC, R&B and the f**king PMT
Tarantino movies and a bustop kiss
Knifes, screams, syringes, distress, drinks and cigarettes
Broken glass, blood on the carpet
A door on my face and the f**king…
The f**king end!