Vybz Kartel Turning Rasta In Prison Deejay Posts New Photo On Social Media

Vybz Kartel switching up his image once again.

The incarcerated dancehall star posted a new photo of himself taken recently. Kartel always find ways to connect with his fans and keep them entertained despite being incarcerated for the past six years. On Friday night, he abruptly uploaded a photo of himself on Instagram sending the Gazanation into a frenzy. “Yesterday..”DEM A WONDER HOW MI DO DIS….BUT AS MI LOCKS GET LONGER HEATHEN HEART IT A TWIST,” he captioned the photo.

Some fans have been questioning if Vybz Kartel is the one running his Instagram account, but now our ever so reliable sources inside his circle confirmed this summer that he is the one running his Instagram page with the help of his manager. We’re told that Kartel was always a rasta at heart and the new bearded face and growing hair is just him switching things up with his image.

If you’re an hardcore follower of Vybz Kartel then you would know that he switches up his image ever so often and prison will not stop him from doing what he always does. Kartel has a number of singles bubbling on dancehall airwaves locally and overseas currently including “Mhm Hm,” “Watch Over Us,” “Kremlin,” “All Aboard,” “So Easy,” and more.


Vybz Kartel Daughter Pens Heartfelt Letter To The Deejay

Vybz Kartel recently shared a photo of himself and his daughter taken at the GP prison during a recent family visit.

The dancehall deejay’s daughter has since written an heartfelt letter to him and posted it on her Instagram account. To protect her from Cyberbullies, we won’t share her name or Instagram handle but we will share what she wrote. “Daddy I love you very very much. I am so happy I had the chance to see you the other day,” she said. “Daddy even though it has been 2 weeks already seeing you is still playing out in front of me. I love you daddy.”

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, also has three sons with his common-law wife Tanesha “Shorty” Johnson, one of whom is currently going to high school. Last year there was a rumor that the artist fathered another daughter with an overseas female who posted a video clip on social media showing off a toddler she claimed that Kartel fathered. The deejay has since denied those claims saying that he only has one daughter.

Aside from posing for photos with his daughter, Vybz Kartel is again dominating the dancehall airwaves with a slew of new music released since the start of the month. Last week he released two new singles including a track with Ishawna “How Can You” and another song titled “So Easy.” This week he released a new music video with Ishawna for “Washer Dryer” and last weekend we saw him dropping “Luxury Doll.”


Vybz Kartel – Oh Yeah (Run Up) Feat. PartyNextDoor [New Music]

Vybz Kartel is looking to conquer the fall 2017 “Oh Yeah (Run Up).” The aced dancehall deejay teams with PartyNextDoor and Major Lazer for the new track.

Vybz Kartel was dormant in dropping new music during the summer but as soon as the summer starts winding down we start getting a handful of new singles from the Gazanation leader signaling his plans for dominating the rest of the year. This is the third single he released in the last week after dropping two tracks, “So Easy” and “How Can You.”

“Coulda bicycle bike or hummer we a roll out mad we a stunner / Honey pool full a money every gal jump off in a hurry / Gal just a drink and a drunk and a hide and a drop pon buddy / Me chain have so much karat like me murder Bugs Bunny,” Kartel deejay.

Vybz Kartel recently scored his second Billboard charting single with “Fever” gaining momentum on the charts and on radios across the U.S. The dancehall hitmaker is currently awaiting his appeal trial which is set to commence in February next year.


New Vybz Kartel Photo From Prison Surfaced

Some new Vybz Kartel photos of him in prison have surfaced and gone viral on social media.

Not too often we see new images of the incarcerated dancehall star, but on Thursday some new pics popped up showing him wearing white short denim pants and white polo shirt. There is one thing new that you will notice about Vybz Kartel and that is his facial hair. The aced dancehall deejay has never before seen with facial hair. He also looks a bit slimmer than some of his most recent prison photos.

Sources inside his Gaza camp told DHH that he received a family visit yesterday from his baby mama and kids. Vybz Kartel released two new singles this week, “So Easy” and “How Can You” featuring Ishawna. On the first single, he took a shot at Alkaline for copying his style. The “Fever” deejay, whose real name is Adidja Palmer is currently serving a life sentence for murder. Earlier this year, an appeal court judge ruled in favor of granting him a new trial which will get underway in February next in the Jamaica Appeal Court.

Vybz Kartel and his attorney are confident that he will be exonerated of the murder charge.


Vybz Kartel Drops Two New Singles and Disses Alkaline Again

Vybz Kartel unleashed two new singles on dancehall airwaves in one day and they are both fire. On one of the singles, he once again disses Alkaline.

On Wednesday, the incarcerated deejay drop a solo single “So Easy” and another collaboration with Ishawna “How Can You.” Both singles have been getting raved reviews from Kartel’s massive dancehall fan base. “Song ya is pure fire big up Worl’Boss the GOAT, so easy,” one fan wrote on DHH IG page.

Kartel is also getting some attention for a line on the single “So Easy” where he disses dancehall artists who are copying his style. “Every man in a me style a so the p**** them stay,” Kartel deejay. Some Gazanation fans are already pointing fingers to Alkaline being the artist that Vybz Kartel is referring to. While the “Dancehall Hero” deejay didn’t call any names, Alkaline has been getting scrutinized for what some people say is a blatant rip off of Kartel’s image and style.

“Alka a live in a Addi style from day one,” sources inside the Gaza told DHH. “A Kartel style buss him and a it get him to where he is right now. At this moment he should just come out and admit that Kartel is his idol. His friend Kasanova already said it and I think he should just come out and say it.”


Listen Vybz Kartel & Ishawna New Song “How Can You”

Vybz Kartel and Ishawna teamed up for the second time this year for a new single.

Their new single “How Can You” was produced by Jones Ave Records and features Kartel and Ishawna traded bars about love and intimacy. While Ishawna is singing about love and heartbreak, Kartel just want some of the good. “How can you say you’re in love / You don’t even know who to trust / Am waiting with my open arms / Don’t you want away from my love,” Ishawna sings.

“Love and sex a two different things / Don’t you treat them like one / Organize your feelings / Think its forever I need it just once,” Vybz Kartel deejay. This is the second single that the Gazanation deejay released on Wednesday. He also released a song titled “So Easy” that has been rocking up the views since its release on his Vevo channel.

Earlier this year, Vybz Kartel and Ishawna teams up on another song titled “Washer Dryer.” That track was also well received among Gaza fans.


Vybz Kartel – So Easy [New Music]

Vybz Kartel came through with some new music for his Gaza Nation fans. Take a listen to his new banger “So Easy” below.

Since the dancehall deejay’s fans started begging him for more new music he has released two new singles including this new joint “So Easy.” The track was produced by his in house producer for his label Adidjahiem Records. “Mi give yo mi all anno half / Halfway tree a down there yaso gal a pass / Take it off wow what a batty broad where yo shorts / If me love you one more time / It would’ve been a god dam crime / Loving you is easily mi naan lie,” Kartel deejay.

A rep for Vybz Kartel recently told Dancehall HipHop that he has slowed the release of his new music purposely to put out more high quality music. The move comes after some fans started complaining about the low quality of some of his music released earlier this year.