Mac Lucci – Cali Life Lyrics (feat. Smokey Lane)

(Dae One… Let’s do this)
Its the cali life
(Dae One… Let’s do this)
Its the cali life
(California lifestyle)
Its the cali life
(Bang-Bang homie, Bang)
Its the cali life
Its the cali life
[Verse 1]
4 blunts to your brain, baby Snoop Dogg
White girl want to blame she from Utah
We get it master kush from the weed clinic
That pretty car, pretty tinted thats me in it
Smoke weed everyday Nate Dogg
They say life is a game and I it play hard
Went from a street rapper to the limelight
Couple G’s on my neck and they shine bright
Dedicated to the critics who don’t know me
I’m still the best player underrated like Kobe
Hot till the day I retire
We smoking on stress weed while choking on fire
I was 8 years in the streets picking loquats
10 years later, ’twas me in the dope spot
Run up on a nigga like me you hope not
My niggas gang bang and they’ll aim at yo top
Cali life living
Mind on the [?]
Bitches, swtiches everybody in them
Promotion will evolve all the way to the top
(catch-)Catch me at the mall with a fly full of “OOOO”
Ain’t nothing changed, still sunny days
(oooh its just that west coast livin)
Cali life changed, Cali life mayne
(oooh its just that west coast livin)
[Verse 2]
And there ain’t no telling what Mac Luc- selling
California hustler Im a fly young fella
Bag full of rock ’bout the size of a melon
Dollar sign on my eye money sign what I’m repping
Pussy feel good but the cheddar feel better
Blowing smoke in the air so in love with the weather
Higher than a motherf**ker I ain’t gotta do the leather
Hit the swap meet next to white tee with whatever
Foreign kicks with some cargo shorts
Just left the medical spot, we all gone smoke
L.A. [Hook x2]
It’s the Cali life
It’s the Cali life
It’s the Cali life
(oooo It’s just that west-coast living)
It’s the Cali life
It’s the Cali life
It’s the Cali life is my city you can see it on my hat
Ballin through the supermark[et] bitches staring at my tats
Its a fact that they staring at a Mac
Take ’em back to the crib now they staring at the trap
Niggas looking at my hard must be staring at my hat
Approach my front lawn and they staring at my gat
[Verse 3]
Now we don’t trip over no bitch kid its just what it is
Put a coat on a goat and a wig on a pig
Better watch where you pimpin’ and killin’ on [?]
Criminals come and kidnap your bitch
Better watch your dress code B’s and C’s
All them other suckers copycats, deez (these) is G’s
I love Cali like I love paper
Pocket full of blood money blue chuck taylor
Don’t ever approach a gun fight swinging with a knife
Bullets ignite on sight this the Cali life
You can ball over night if you do it right
Hit the wrong gas station you could lose your life
Are you an aggressor or a finesser
Someone low key can’t handle the pressure
Keep your head to the sky these niggas will test ya
Stashin’ dope real good these pigs will stretch ya