In Germany, it was not ruled out that Russia would cut off gas

He called this the result of Russia's actions in Ukraine and expressed confidence that these difficulties will make the countries even more resilient. The press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the publication, assured that Moscow strictly fulfills its obligations on fuel supplies. In his opinion, “Putin's plan” is to put pressure on the market and raise gas prices in Europe in order to “ignite social unrest and destroy unity.” However, Putin should not win, the minister stressed. Khabek noted that, on the one hand, it is necessary to prevent the economy from “failing”; due to high gas prices, and on the other— avoid the “big social problem” in Germany. m per day. “I would be lying if I said that it was out of the question, — Khabek noted, speaking about the possibility of shutting off gas by Russia.— In reality, [Russian President Vladimir] Putin is gradually reducing the amount of gas. He urged to show solidarity and save gas wherever possible. Termination of gas supplies to Germany from Russia via the Nord Stream gas pipeline Klaus Müller, head of the German Federal Network Agency, also considered it possible. Speaking about stopping the Nord Stream in July for two weeks for maintenance, he said, “We can't rule it out [stopping supplies after shutdown].” The regulator is considering various options, most of them “unpleasant”; and envisage winter gas shortages, Mueller warned. “The idea of ​​cheap energy is in the past, the idea of ​​Russian energy is, in fact, in the past, and we are all in the process of looking for alternative sources,” — Prime Minister of Latvia Krisjanis Karins said. What to do Instructions Pro They don't know you here: how companies can build a reputation in a new country Instructions
“If Germany already declares today that it will not have enough gas for the winter, the consequences will be extraordinary for Germany, as well as for all other European countries,” — said Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Cros. What awaits her in Russia – two trends Forecasts Pro A very bad forecast: how the shortage of imported weather instruments hits business Forecasts Pro A competitor trades on the marketplace under your trademark. Authors Tags Subscribe to VK RBC Get news faster than anyone else

Источник He said this in an interview with the ZDF TV channel. The company explained its decision by the delay of the German Siemens repair of gas pumping units of the Portovaya compressor station. German Economy Minister Robert Habeck considered it possible to stop supplies after a two-week shutdown of Nord Stream for maintenance. Russia is ready to continue to “conscientiously fulfill all its contractual obligations for the supply of agricultural products, fertilizers, energy carriers and other critical products,” President Vladimir Putin stressed at the BRICS plus meeting June 24. Due to the supply situation Germany raised the gas emergency warning level to the second out of three. He also ruled out that rising food, energy and commodity prices— a consequence of the Russian military operation in Ukraine. after two weeks of maintenance, the Financial Times previously reported. Read on RBC Pro Pro “Just don't upgrade”: 5 principles to combine your own and someone else's software on educational startups Articles Pro The world predicts the stagnation of the IT industry. m per day, and then up to 67 million cubic meters. “Gazprom” in mid-June announced a reduction in the volume of gas pumped through Nord Stream; first from 167 million to 100 million cubic meters. As Bloomberg reports, EU leaders are preparing for further cuts in Russian gas supplies and looking for ways to ease the impact of the energy crisis on economies. Siemens, in turn, explained that the turbines for the gas pipeline are manufactured by Canada and one of the engines is being repaired in Montreal, and it is impossible to return the repaired turbines due to Canadian sanctions. Putin said that Russia is ready to continue energy supplies Germany did not rule out that Russia would cut off gas” />
German Economy Minister Robert Habeck did not rule out that Russia would no longer supply gas to Germany.


The General Staff of the French Army tried to explain itself for the capture of CAESAR self-propelled guns by Russia

But immediately, the French headquarters admitted the possibility of the capture by Russian military self-propelled guns, stipulating that the situation seems unlikely and implausible. The General Staff of the French Armed Forces completely denied the information about the capture of guns, at the same time without providing any evidence to support their position. p>
Источник France handed over 18 CAESAR self-propelled artillery mounts to Ukraine. Photo: Frame from video
The General Headquarters of the French Armed Forces attempted to explain the situation with the capture of self-propelled artillery installations (ACS) by Russian troops in Ukraine ) French-made CAESAR. Earlier, Uralvagonzavod thanked French President Emmanuel Macron on his Telegram channel, asking the French politician Régis Castelnau to convey gratitude to the head of the European state for the “donated” self-propelled guns.


Zakharova said that Russia has never threatened with nuclear weapons

“No” nuclear threats “have ever been and never are heard from Russia,” Zakharova said. Photo: Global Look Press
The Russian Foreign Ministry published a comment by its official representative, Maria Zakharova, on the topic of nuclear weapons. The statement was made on the occasion of the completion of the Conference of the States Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. She added that “Russian approaches are based solely on the logic of deterrence.”
Zakharova also said that in this regard, “statements regarding mutual threats to use nuclear weapons” are surprising. Источник


The expert urged Russia to uncover tactical nuclear weapons

The minister's words simply give a clear analysis of the current situation that is emerging today. Plus, it is already obvious that the Russia-NATO founding act will cease to have effect. Photo: RF Ministry of Defense
– No, – Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine, comments. The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry “MK” asked an expert to comment on this statement. It is absolutely necessary to do this in order to contain NATO and the EU, which are already gathering into such a single steel fist. He said that it all reminded him of the situation at the beginning of World War II, when Hitler gathered most of the European countries under his banner to attack the Soviet Union. But it is already simply impossible for Russia to continue, as before, backing away and retreating somewhere. Now they are also being collected by the EU and NATO to fight Russia. Consequently, it is necessary to review and specify conceptual foundations for its application, and to draw those “red lines” that we will be ready to use in parrying threats and aggression using tactical nuclear weapons against NATO groupings in the European theater of operations. Tactical nuclear weapons should be delivered on specific carriers to the troops of the Western Military District, to the Baltic and Northern Fleets. That is, there will no longer be any obstacles for the movement of the Alliance military vehicles to the Russian borders. We can counter it solely by relying on tactical nuclear weapons, which in this situation should be delivered from warehouses to the troops on specific carriers. In this situation, you need to have time to respond instantly and immediately. And in them we see the European consolidation against its main opponent. – I think it's just a statement of existing realities. Previously it was the Soviet Union, now it is Russia. – This will mean that they will sign their own verdict. This was announced on Friday at a press conference in Baku by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. – Because after the restriction of transit to Kaliningrad, a complete ban on transit, and a naval blockade, and even the sending of NATO forces to the territory of the Kaliningrad region may follow. They will determine their own destiny by their actions and their aggression. – I think a real military confrontation is already underway. And therefore, whether Sweden and Finland will be accepted into NATO this time, or not, there is no difference. Even if it was as formalized and incomplete as this document contained. But we will need to rethink our military doctrine and nuclear planning. Especially in light of the upcoming NATO summit, where a new strategic concept will be adopted, officially declaring Russia a military adversary. – Not a war because Russia is a nuclear power. It's just that now it will be elevated to the rank of an official position in the new strategic concept of NATO – in those decisions that will be discussed and adopted at the summit of the Alliance. Источник And given the disparity in the field of conventional weapons – NATO here surpasses us many times – we can react quickly, deterring the Alliance, only relying on tactical nuclear weapons. So Lavrov's words are a statement of the existing realities. The collective West gathers an anti-Russian coalition: what to do
The European Union and NATO are gathering a coalition to fight Russia.


French Foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of a diplomat from Russia

What model to replace it with? In April, the French Foreign Ministry declared 41 Russian diplomats persona non grata, Moscow responded by expelling 34 employees of French diplomatic missions. “The Russian authorities informed our ambassador in Moscow last Friday that the presence of an employee of our embassy in the country was no longer desirable. Authors Tags Subscribe to RuTube

Источник We deplore this unfair decision,— the message says. Sources of the publication said that France participated in the financing of a human rights organization, but did it “legally and transparently.”
Read on RBC Pro Pro Features of the business environment in Turkey: what kind of business do Russians open there Articles Pro From amygdala to immunity: how stress affects our body Video Pro Both for robots and people: how to write a working SEO-optimized text Instructions Pro Be realistic: what techniques will help to cope with anxiety at work Articles Pro Hello, Izaura: what awaits online cinemas after the departure of Western majors Capitalism in Russia failed to build. According to the publication, Russo is considered involved in organizing a covert financing scheme for “an independent information site that is now banned in the country.” and human rights center «Memorial» (in 2014 it was recognized as an NPO-foreign agent, the Supreme Court decided to liquidate it). On June 19, Franceinfo reported that French Ambassador to Russia Pierre Levy was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry, where they said that the presence of the embassy cultural attache Fabrice Rousseau, who also heads the French Institute in Russia, was undesirable in the country. His accreditation will be valid until July 17, after which it will not be renewed. No legal grounds were presented. Foreign Minister Katrin Colonna instructed the competent services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promptly submit proposals to determine further actions. According to Franceinfo, the cultural attache Fabrice Rousseau is suspected of a covert financing scheme for “an information site that is now banned in the country”

The French Embassy in Moscow
Russia ordered the diplomat of the French Embassy to leave the country, reported press service of the French Foreign Ministry. RBC sent a request to the Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry. The name of the site is not revealed.


BRICS countries supported negotiations between Russia and Ukraine

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that the country would return to negotiations after the cessation of hostilities. Moscow blames Kyiv, as well as its Western partners, for stopping them. In addition to Russia, the BRICS group includes China, India, Brazil and South Africa. Authors Tags Subscribe to Telegram

Источник According to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Russia will go to “serious negotiations” with Ukraine if he realizes that he cannot break its defense. French President Emmanuel Macron said that “at some point” Zelensky will have to conduct a dialogue with Russia. We also discussed concerns about the humanitarian situation in and around Ukraine and expressed support for the efforts of the UN Secretary-General, agencies of the UN system and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to provide humanitarian assistance in accordance with the guiding principles of humanity, neutrality and impartiality established by the resolution 46/182 of the UN General Assembly, — the declaration says. This is stated in the declaration published following the results of the unification summit held under the chairmanship of China. Russian-Ukrainian peace talks were suspended in mid-May. The head of US national intelligence, Avril Haynes, indicated in mid-May that Washington sees no prospects for successful negotiations between Russia and Ukraine in the near future. “We support negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. At the summit, the BRICS members discussed the humanitarian situation in Ukraine and expressed support for the efforts of the UN and the Red Cross to provide humanitarian assistance

BRICS summit broadcast in Beijing, China
The International BRICS Club supports the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the efforts of the UN for a peaceful settlement.


Putin spoke about the idea to open Indian chain stores in Russia

In mid-June, Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed by telephone to expand cooperation in energy, industry and transport. “The volume of Russian oil deliveries to China and India is growing noticeably. The Russian presence in the BRICS countries is also expanding, the head of state noted. Read on RBC Pro Pro Is it worth adopting the strange healthy lifestyle habits of Silicon Valley hits business Predictions Pro Be realistic: what techniques will help you cope with anxiety at work Articles Pro “Their furniture was immediately faked there”: how IKEA conquered China how it leads to overeating Articles Pro Capitalism in Russia failed to build. To reduce the negative impact of Western sanctions, Russia is reorienting its trade flows and foreign economic contacts “on reliable international partners, and primarily on the BRICS countries,” the president added. In particular, they are discussing an increase in the share of Chinese cars in the Russian market and the opening of Indian chain stores in the country. In particular, in May, Russia became the leader in oil supplies to China and ranked second in supplies to India, in both cases overtaking Saudi Arabia. What model to replace it with Articles
On June 23–, the 14th BRICS summit will be held online under the chairmanship of China. Its theme is: “Promotion of quality partnership BRICS, the beginning of a new era of global development”. 

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Источник The President said that under the sanctions, Russia is developing relations with “reliable international partners” – the BRICS countries. “Russian business circles, in coordination with the business communities of the BRICS states, are taking prompt steps to develop transport infrastructure, rebuild logistics routes, and create new production chains,” — Putin said. He also noted the expansion of the Russian presence in these states

Under the sanctions, Russian business circles are intensifying contacts with businesses from Brazil, India, China and South Africa, President Vladimir Putin said in his greeting to the participants of the BRICS Business Forum. After that, the Russian authorities announced a reorientation to the East and strengthening relations with those countries that want it. The United States, the European Union and other countries have imposed sanctions against Russia because of the military operation in Ukraine. Cooperation in the field of agriculture is developing dynamically. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said at the end of March that the BRICS countries would become the basis of the new emerging world order. Russia exports significant volumes of fertilizers to the BRICS countries. Russian IT companies are expanding their activities in India and South Africa, and our satellites provide TV broadcasting to 40 million Brazilians,— he listed. He noted the role of the association in the fight against the sanctions policy of Western states. In addition, together with BRICS partners, Russia is developing “reliable alternative mechanisms for international settlements”, the Russian analogue of SWIFT, a system for transmitting financial messages, is open for connecting banks from the countries of the group, and the geography of using Mir cards is expanding.


Thailand extradited a Russian to the United States after the decision to extradite him to Russia

How e-commerce adjusts to this Pro instructions From magazine to airline: Reading “Losing my virginity” by Richard Branson Summary Pro Capitalism in Russia failed to build. The court concluded that the hacker group to which the accused belonged stole more than $30 million from the cards of citizens of the United States, Australia, Japan, Italy, Great Britain and Germany. «by deceit and breach of trust». Authors Tags Subscribe to Telegram

Источник The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a note to the kingdom about the inadmissibility of the extradition of a Russian to the United States. Read on RBC Pro Pro He loves cola and hates sports: how the anti-life Elon Musk lives Articles Pro The head of the Skolkovo school: “These six mistakes harm corporate culture”. The Thai authorities, where he was detained in 2016, approved the extradition of the Russian to both Russia and the United States. “Her husband was extradited from Thailand on June 16, 2022, despite two conflicting rulings from the Kingdom of Thailand to extradite him to the United States and simultaneously to Russia and an additional trial, in an atmosphere of extreme secrecy, which was more like a kidnapping.” ,— explained Melnikov. Ukrainian was arrested in Pattaya in 2016 at the request of the FBI. His wife informed human rights activists about the extradition of the Ukrainian to the USA

The Thai authorities have extradited Russian citizen Dmitry Ukrainsky to the United States, who is accused of embezzling funds from American citizens with subsequent legalization in Thailand, TASS reports citing Ivan Melnikov, deputy chairman of the Russian branch of the International Committee for the Defense of Human Rights. In In Russia, he is also accused of fraud: according to the investigation, from April to May 2013, Ukrainian as part of a group stole more than 7.5 million rubles. US authorities have been investigating the Russian since 2014, when they discovered several suspicious transfers of funds to Thai accounts. In 2017, the court approved his extradition to Russia, and in 2019, the Thai authorities allowed the extradition of the Russian to the United States. Dmitry Ukrainsky in the United States is accused of embezzling $ 30 million. The authorities of the kingdom sentenced him to 10 years in prison. The human rights activist told the agency that Ukrainskiy's wife turned to him with a letter about the violation of her husband's rights. Ukrainian denies his guilt. RBC sent inquiries to the press services of the Thai police and the Russian embassy in Thailand and turned to Ivan Melnikov for comment. Therefore, Melnikov asked US Attorney General Merrick Garland to provide Russian diplomats with information about the places of detention of Ukrainian in custody and the charges against him and arrange a meeting with the consul for him. He stressed that, according to the protocol to the consular convention between Russia and the United States of 1964, when a Russian was detained or arrested, the consular person should have been notified of this within three days, but this did not happen. In the summer of the same year, the Russian side turned to the Prosecutor General's Office of Thailand with a request to extradite Ukrainian. What model to replace it Articles Pro What companies need to consider when creating a corporate superapp for employees Instructions Pro National features of business management in Russia Lecture
In 2019, a Russian went on a hunger strike for more than a month to get a review of the case.


The United States called legitimate part of the fears of Russia in the field of security

The material is being supplemented. understands Russia's legitimate security concerns and sees many ways to address them, deputy chief said State Department Secretary Wendy Sherman at the US-EU Defense Forum. Tags Subscribe to RuTube RBC Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our RuTube channel

Источник She also said that countries wishing to join NATO make their own decisions about it, other states do not have to do it for them. Sherman called “absurd” the demand to return NATO borders by 1997, which, according to her, the Russian side called “the only way”; move forward in security talks. “I personally met with Russian colleagues to say: yes, we understand that you have some legitimate security concerns, and there are many ways in which we can solve them” ;,— she said. Streamed on YouTube. At the same time, US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman called “absurd” the proposal to return NATO to the 1997 borders for the sake of ensuring the security of Russia

Wendy Sherman
The U.S.


The probability of an APU strike deep into Russia by HIMARS systems was estimated

This point of view was voiced by military political scientist Alexander Perendzhiev. The Ukrainian army can hit social, administrative and industrial complexes, Perendzhiev shared his point of view. “The chances are high that all the missiles will be destroyed on approach,” the specialist concluded. “The chances are great that all missiles will be destroyed on approach”
If Ukraine is supplied with HIMARS MLRS, attempts may be made to strike deep into Russian territory, including Moscow and resort towns. Photo:
According to the expert, in If HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems appear near Kyiv, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will indeed be able to strike further into the depths of Russia. Although, as he noted, strikes can also be made against crowded places, for example, the resorts of the Kuban. The political scientist also allowed attempts to strike at Moscow, but added that the capital is well protected, air defense systems will be able to repel all possible attacks. Источник


Military expert explained how Russia can protect the borders from the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Military expert, senior researcher at the Academy of Military Sciences Vladimir Prokhvatilov named several main ways how Russia could protect its borders from attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and drones. In addition, the specialist believes that Russia should start striking at the administrative centers of Kyiv. A retaliatory strike should cause much more damage to the enemy
On the morning of June 22, the media reported a fire at the Novoshakhtinsk oil refinery (refinery) in the Rostov region, which, presumably, was due to strikes two Ukrainian drones. Bayraktars” in kamikaze
Источник Photo: Frame from the video
In an interview with, Prokhvatilov said that Russia needs to increase the number of border troops, and also noted that they should be allowed to raid enemy territory to destroy firing points and push back troops the enemy from the borders at such a distance that they could not even carry out shelling from the ground. Prokhvatilov explains this by saying that a retaliatory strike should inflict much more damage on the enemy so that it would be unprofitable for him to hit Russian territory. As for drones, according to a military expert, their effectiveness is significantly reduced when the objects are protected, and combat objects are simply masked. Prokhvatilov stressed that it is impossible to disguise the refinery, so such strategic facilities must be provided with a strong air defense system.


Biden promised Russia and Europe a terrible survival game

Comfortable. There is nowhere to put it, there is an excess, and at some stage they inevitably begin to put this carrot where they shouldn’t. We are no strangers. Good move. And then they begin to suffer: is it convenient for carrots there? It will be hungry, cold and uncomfortable. This game has already been lost by Europe. And everything would be fine, but the cult of sticking carrots becomes a religion, and therefore the only true way of life. And how to make it comfortable for her and no one discriminates against her? It becomes even clearer after the words of Joe Biden: “What I really think is that at some stage this will turn into a waiting game to a certain extent – in terms of what the Russians can endure and what Europe will be ready to endure.”< /p>

Photo: AP
Let's start at the end of the sentence. Soviet propaganda has long guessed about the decaying consumer society. And in the global divergence of the worlds. We live with a single carrot for generations. And for those who discriminate, begin to doubt the correctness of eating carrots, there is a culture of cancellation. An experienced politician Biden speaks about Europe, removing the United States from the list of those who will have to “endure” in advance. Not materially decaying, but in a completely different way. And another wagon, and another. Do you feel it? In fact, the point is not even trust. It is clear that the hot phase of the crisis will end the way Russia wants it to. And they have a carriage of carrots. Yes, America is having a hard time – exorbitant gas prices, problems with baby food, bidenflation (no matter how they tried to call inflation in the United States Putin's – nothing happened, it did not take root). too, let's be friends.”
“Yes, it will be a protracted crisis, we will never trust the West again,” said Dmitry Peskov, the presidential press secretary. You don’t even have to explain what is hidden behind the word “this” – it’s vague for everyone, but understandable. But resisting, enduring, surviving – Biden assigned this role to Europe in the confrontation with Russia. It is here that the division of the worlds takes place: between putting your “I” in the center of the world and “love your neighbor as yourself.”
There will be no mutual understanding. We just eat – and everything is prescribed by nature. But it is naive to think that the crisis will also end there – balloons and white doves will fly into the blue sky, and all the people on the planet will begin to hug and, smiling embarrassedly, say to each other: “Well, somehow we parted ways. There's not a word about America. It will be hungry, cold and uncomfortable
Now this is for a long time. At best, it will come when there will be only one carrot in the West for many years. Biden spoke about this game of waiting “in terms of what the Russians can endure and what Europe will be ready to endure.”
The only surprise is his complete misunderstanding of a simple fact. Источник Here we have a single carrot, and we eat it. That is what they will have to endure and endure.


Putin told young commanders about the tests of Russia

“There is no doubt that we will be even stronger,” the president stressed. The army and navy, according to him, are being improved in all segments and this is to the benefit of the entire military organization of the state. Now Russia is going through yet another test and restrictions that affect both the civilian sphere and the armed forces. A graduate of the Academy of the General Staff, Rodion Kornilov, said that the Supreme Commander can rely on the officer corps. Vladimir Putin, for his part, urged the newly minted “energetic and in a good way daring” commanders to act carefully and thoughtfully, not to brandish a saber and gradually get used to the realities. Putin spoke separately about the key conflict for Russia – a special military operation in Donbass. Putin said that by the end of the year, the first complex of the Sarmat heavy intercontinental ballistic missile would be on combat duty. “Do not forget that the effective application of the theoretical knowledge gained during study is possible only as you gain practical experience,” he admonished. “The army and navy are improving in all the most important segments. All of them, according to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, received fundamental knowledge and unique skills. “In our history there has never been a time when we, as in some prosperous, but barely visible country on the map, felt that you can do nothing,” he stressed. “We are ready and will honorably defend national interests, fight for sovereignty and crush neo-Nazism,” he assured. We will be even stronger,” he stressed. Putin expressed the hope that the officers would share their knowledge with the personnel and help the soldiers master modern weapons. There were also mentions of the country's nuclear power. Источник Every year, honors students from higher educational institutions of law enforcement agencies – the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Emergencies, the FSB, the FSO, the Russian Guard, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Penitentiary Service gather in the Kremlin to listen to the parting words of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. “The country's leadership can be sure that the officers will do everything to ensure the security of the state, to combat new challenges and threats,” he promised. The army, he said, plans to make greater use of robotics, the latest control and intelligence tools, unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as laser, electromagnetic and other weapons based on physical principles. Further strengthening of the Armed Forces, according to the President, will take into account potential military threats and risks, as well as the lessons of modern armed conflicts. The Minister stressed that the decision to become an officer is the choice of patriots, for whom the main task in life is the defense of the Motherland. At a meeting with graduates of military universities, the President of the Russian Federation recalled the historical past
At a meeting with graduates of military universities, Vladimir Putin said that a special military operation in Donbas would strengthen the Russian armed forces. The formidable weapon has a range of 18,000 km, can attack US territory from the south (previously this was possible only from the north), and is believed to be less vulnerable to missile defense. He said that Russia has always had to go to the goal through difficulties and trials. Photo:
Graduates in caps and epaulettes are the only ones who are personally escorted to the “big life” by Vladimir Putin.


Schools in Russia will not expel children in the cold when raising the flag of the country

It indicates where it should take place (school premises or street), at what time (at the beginning of the school week) and which of the students can be present (children who showed the best results in studies, sports, creativity and activities of children's movements). “Approaches will vary according to the capacity of the institutions. Let us remind you that from September 1, at the beginning of each school week, Russian schools will raise the national flag and sing the national anthem. Rate the article
Источник The minister recalled the position of Russian President Vladimir Putin on this issue: the procedure should be held with an understanding of the significance of state symbols, and not formally. In winter, no one will drive children out into the cold, or in autumn under heavy rain. The head of the Ministry of Education, Sergei Kravtsov, stressed that educational institutions would themselves determine the composition of the participants in the event, and in winter children would not be driven out into the street for this, writes RIA Novosti. In Russia, they approved the standard for holding a flag-raising ceremony in schools and sent it to the regions. We ask school administrations to approach this work wisely, — the minister noted. Vladimir Putin supported the idea, urging to postpone the introduction of the tradition where the ceremony is difficult to organize properly. According to Sergei Kravtsov, the procedure for the ceremony is spelled out in detail.


Latvian Foreign Minister named reasons for negotiations with Russia on Ukraine

But this is not for long Forecasts Pro Should we expect a boom in demand for suburban real estate Articles Pro Features of the business environment in Turkey: what kind of business do Russians open there Articles Pro How to deal with the impostor syndrome in five steps Instructions Pro Loves cola and hates sports: how the anti-life Elon Musk lives Articles Pro How the Fear Index Helps Predict US Market Pro Articles Pro How to take care of your skin after 35: 5 important rules Instructions
European politicians have increased contacts with Putin and representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry since the end of last year. A situation is possible where they will move further to Moldova, restore great Russia. “We all understand that if Russia conquers Ukraine, then it will not stop, but will move on, because the goal of the Kremlin— restore the empire»,— said the head of the Polish Ministry of Defense Mariusz Blaszczak. This changes positions on some issues, on sanctions,»— explained Rinkevich. Authors Tags Subscribe to RuTube RBC Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our RuTube channel

Источник Frequent conversations with the Russian leader drew criticism from other European leaders. According to him, this allows you to change the position of the EU countries on sanctions =”The head of the Latvian Foreign Ministry named the reasons for negotiations with Russia on Ukraine” />
Edgar Rinkevich
In the current situation, the decision of a number of EU leaders to “call all the time for one reason” the Kremlin looks strange, but this allows you to find out the current position of Russian President Vladimir Putin on Ukraine and realize the change in possible vectors of development of what is happening. “From my point of view, this then has a positive effect on the mindset of the leaders of large European states, because they understand that this is no longer about NATO expansion, not about Ukraine in NATO— it's a completely different attitude. “I believe that [the situation] it will be settled only when Russia sees that Ukraine is fighting, that it is impossible to wring out anything anymore, but it is already being lost, and then [the representatives of Moscow] will sit down at the negotiating table, — he stressed. Putin noted that all peoples have the right to self-determination, but the residents of Donbass were not asked “how they want to arrange their lives.” According to him, Russia considers it important that everyone on the territory of Ukraine be provided with this right. Nehammer explained that Vienna takes a neutral position in the conflict, but takes a clear position on the need for a ceasefire, investigation of war crimes and the opening of humanitarian corridors. This was stated by the head of the Latvian Foreign Ministry, Edgars Rinkevich, in an interview with RTVI (the interview was taken by the former editor-in-chief of Echo of Moscow Alexei Venediktov, recognized as a foreign agent in Russia). Read on RBC Pro Pro Waiting for clarity: will warehouse rentals get cheaper in 2022 Articles Pro x The Economist The special operation delayed the crisis in Latin America. Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas pointed out: “I feel that if everyone calls him all the time, he doesn't get the message that he's isolated.” The French President said that he considers it his duty to maintain contact with Putin. Macron said he had spent more than 100 hours in conversations with Putin since December, replying that he had lost count of them. The Austrian chancellor visited Moscow in early April, he and Putin spoke one on one. Then the situation around Ukraine began to escalate, Moscow demanded “security guarantees”; from the US and NATO. Kronen Zeitung, citing the chancellor's entourage, wrote that he intended to “build bridges” at a meeting with Putin. The minister noted that some politicians, who did not go into details and were previously unfamiliar with “such ambitions”, believed that it would be enough to sit down at the negotiating table to resolve the situation. As of the end of May, French leader Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz became the most frequent interlocutors of the President of Russia. “Anyone who wants it,” — he emphasized. He expressed confidence that Russia is now thinking not about peace, but about “annexing some Ukrainian territories, I don’t know, Kherson region, Donetsk region, about committing some other actions. A similar opinion was expressed by US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield: “Putin wants the world to go back to the past, to a time when there were no united nations, to a time when empires ruled the world.”
Moscow has repeatedly rejected the desire for “occupation” Ukraine. Rinkevich recalled that from the end of October last year to the end of February 2022, European politicians made many visits to Moscow for negotiations. According to Rinkevich, for these reasons, he is not yet “hysterical”; because of telephone conversations between EU leaders and the President of Russia or a personal visit to Moscow by Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer. Communication between EU leaders and Putin makes it possible to track his position on Ukraine and understand that it is no longer about NATO expansion, Rinkevich said. Following the visit, Nehammer said that the Russian president did not leave a “positive impression in general.”

The assumption about the territorial ambitions of the Russian authorities was previously expressed in Poland.


Tokayev called on Russia and Ukraine to “good will” to resolve the conflict

“I think, first of all” the goodwill of both states. The positive influence of the UN should influence Russia and Ukraine on their path to peace, Tokayev stressed. In his opinion, the UN has never been in such a bad situation before, because even during the Cold War, the organization showed much more unity than now. The President of Kazakhstan said that he was very concerned about the future of the UN, but he was firmly convinced of the need for solidarity and unity among the countries of the world. Russia and Ukraine can achieve peace with help from the UN, but this is the first time the organization has been so divided, Tokayev said. However, in early April, the dialogue was suspended. In mid-June, at SPIEF, Tokayev called the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics “quasi-state territories”, indicating that Kazakhstan would not recognize them— as in the case of Taiwan, Kosovo, South Ossetia and Abkhazia. But it won't be for long Predictions Pro Emotional hunger: what it is and how it leads to overeating After that, the heads of the republics, Leonid Pasechnik and Denis Pushilin, turned to the Russian president to help repel “aggression”; from Ukraine. International law rests on the UN Charter, the President of Kazakhstan said, but now two fundamental principles of this document have come into conflict: the right of nations to self-determination and the territorial integrity of states. “More than an eloquent demonstration of negotiations in Ukrainian”, — Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the Russian president, appreciated his words. Security Council [UN Now]— this is a sad story, — Tokayev said. “If the right of a nation to self-determination is in reality realized on the entire globe, then instead of the 193 states that are now members of the UN, more than 500 or 600 states will arise on Earth. He was asked what are the prospects for resolving the conflict in Ukraine. Ukraine responded by imposing martial law, declaring mobilization and breaking diplomatic relations with Russia. What model to replace it? But at the same time— support from the international community. Putin announced the start of a special military operation in Ukraine. At the same time, the Russian Foreign Ministry doubted that Kyiv was interested in finding a peaceful solution to the conflict. He is sure that even during the Cold War there was more unity in the UN than now

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev
Kazakhstan is a friend of both sides of the conflict in Ukraine, it is necessary to continue negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv for a peaceful settlement, but the UN is in a state of crisis. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that negotiations can only continue if Russia returns the regions it has taken under control. As a result of the talks, the parties exchanged written proposals for a peaceful settlement of the situation. This was stated by President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev at a special panel session of the Qatar Economic Forum. The broadcast was on YouTube. Authors Tags

Источник Unfortunately, the international community is divided. Since the end of February, the Russian and Ukrainian delegations have held several personal meetings, the last time they met at the end March in Istanbul. x The Economist A sting operation has delayed the crisis in Latin America. Of course, it will be chaos, — he added. Read on RBC Pro Pro Capitalism failed to build in Russia. The head of the Ukrainian delegation, David Arakhamia, admitted in mid-June that Kyiv would return to negotiations after the counteroffensive of Ukrainian forces.


Estonia will ban private individuals from importing alcohol, caviar and furniture from Russia

The ban will take effect July 10. The restrictions will include caviar, alcohol, wood products, furniture and other categories of goods. Measures introduced due to European sanctions


Biden called Russia responsible for the huge increase in the number of refugees

President Joe Biden said that Russia is allegedly the main culprit in the record growth in the number of refugees and internally displaced persons in the modern world. Photo: Video frame
U.S. According to Biden, who refers to the data of the UN Refugee Agency, at present more than 100 million people are internally displaced people in the world. The US President also noted that the American side received more than 80,000 residents of Afghanistan and undertook to provide temporary asylum to tens of thousands of residents of Ukraine. Источник According to Biden, this is a confirmation of the US contribution to solving the refugee problem. The position of the head of the White House is reflected in a statement published by the US administration. Biden called the situation in Ukraine one of the main reasons for the increase in the number of refugees.


Peskov commented on the arrest in Russia of American basketball player Greiner

Therefore, “we cannot call her a hostage,” the presidential press secretary emphasized. Such strict laws in relation to those who are trying to bring drugs into the country, not only in Russia, the press secretary of the head of state noted. According to Peskov, the basketball player violated Russian law. Источник Photo: Evgeny Semenov
US citizen basketball player Brittney Griner, who is in custody in Russia, has committed a criminal offense, and is not a hostage. A narcotic substance was found on her, after which she was arrested and taken into custody. This was stated by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov in an interview with MSNBC. Peskov noted that Greiner’s detention is not a “terrible message”, but her actions are “terrible”, as she tried to smuggle in Russian prohibited substances. Recall that the basketball player Greiner was detained in February 2022 at the Sheremetyevo airport “. Now she is being prosecuted.


Fox News called the reason for the promotion of Russia in Ukraine

“The advantage of the Russians is in the number of weapons they have. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Russian army strikes only at the military infrastructure and units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU). For this, according to the Russian leader, it is planned to bring to justice all war criminals responsible for “bloody crimes against civilians” in the region. Источник Ukrainians have enough skills, will and people, but they lack weapons,” Keane shared his point of view, pointing out that Western equipment and ammunition simply do not reach Ukraine on time. The TV channel reminds that US President Joe Biden recently approved a $1.2 billion military aid package for Ukraine. According to him, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) need more weapons to deter the advance of Russian troops. The Russian Federation launched a special military operation in Ukraine on 24 February. Photo: RF Ministry of Defense
From the point of view of the head of the think tank Institute for the Study of War, General Jack Keane, the countries of the West are de facto “helping” Moscow move forward. Since the politician took office, Washington has allocated about $6.3 billion to Kyiv, while $5.6 billion was provided after the start of Russia's special military operation in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin called its goal the demilitarization and denazification of the republic, as well as the protection of the people of Donbass. “Ukrainians have enough skills, will and people, but they do not have enough weapons”
The United States continues to support Ukraine and prepares for the supply of weapons, but due to delays, the Russian army manages to advance deep into Ukrainian territory, Fox News reports, citing the opinion of experts interviewed by the TV channel.


Ukraine received change from Russia for hitting Chernomorneftegaz installations

Military expert Mikhail Khodarenok also predicted Russia's possible response to attacks on civilian targets, including the Crimean bridge. Источник “Horns and legs will remain”
On the morning of June 20, the Ukrainian army attacked the Russian drilling rigs of Chernomorneftegaz in the western part of the Black Sea. Belgrade and all other Serbian cities were left without electricity. According to the expert, “in a strategic sense, a strike on the Crimean The bridge won't solve anything.” “Except for the fact that Ukraine exists on the world map,” Khodarenok summed up. In this case, combat aircraft, patrol boats and, possibly, coastal missile systems were used. Electric trains stopped. This was announced by the Senator from the Crimea Olga Kovitidi. Then the whole country runs the risk of being left without electricity.”
Tsarev commented on this proposal as follows: “I'm not hinting at anything. It is clear that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be held accountable for a strike on a civilian facility. Experts believe that nothing good awaits the Kyiv authorities on this path. This was acknowledged in another video message by President Zelensky and promised an answer. The fate of seven people is unknown. Kyiv raises the stakes in the confrontation. But, most likely, this is only the beginning, and Kyiv, which started this competition, may not like the continuation. And on the morning of June 20, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked drilling rigs on the platforms of Chornomorneftegaz. In particular, a blow was struck at the Shkolny airfield near Odessa, from where, probably, planes bombed oil rigs took off. The goal is to put the Donbass grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on a fuel starvation ration and thereby force them to stop resistance. In addition, strikes were made on military facilities in Kharkov. I’m afraid to make a mistake in my assessments, but the answer for the Crimean bridge runs the risk of being such that Kyiv will leave horns and legs,” he wrote in the Telegram channel. Only civilian personnel were on the platforms. Opposition Ukrainian politician Oleg Tsarev in his Telegram channel quoted a comment from Ukrainian social networks: “The main thing is that the Russians do not start firing missiles at our energy resource facilities and substations in response. Two employees have severe burns, one has a severe shrapnel wound. The BK-1 platform was hit harder than others. The blow was painful for the APU. These enterprises supply fuel to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) fighting in the Donbas. The action was held immediately after President Zelensky in his video message promised an answer for the rocket attack on the Kremenchug oil refinery. Ukraine risks being left without electricity. Hundreds of electrical facilities were destroyed, including transformer substations. For this, aviation bombs with graphite filling were used. Russia has so far refrained from hitting these targets, Tsarev noted. It is worth remembering that during the war against Yugoslavia in 1999, the United States and NATO destroyed energy infrastructure facilities in the first place. Actually, already in the afternoon of June 20, a “response” flew in at military facilities in Odessa – several high-precision missiles hit the assigned targets. But I can't explain why our military doesn't turn off the power in Ukraine.”
According to the politician, attacks on Ukrainian energy facilities and substations will have a devastating effect on the economy. As a result, a short circuit occurred and all power equipment burned down. Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
On Saturday, Russian troops attacked oil refineries in Kremenchug, Shchebelino and Gubenikha. “The most mysterious thing for me is Ukraine’s reasoning that nothing will happen to them even for attempting such a strike.


Named the consequences of the transit blockade of Kaliningrad for Russia

“First of all, additional vessels are involved in organizing the delivery of goods. Secondly, the region is ready for the independent production of some blocked goods,” the sociologist said, noting that, if desired, Moscow can give a tough response to the blockade of transportation. On June 20, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the transit blockade was “a violation of everything and everyone,” promising to conduct its deep analysis by the Kremlin before rather than take symmetrical steps. Photo: Global Look Press
The corresponding attack by Lithuania and the EU violates a number of multilateral agreements, the interlocutor of the publication shared his point of view. He compared Lithuania with Ukraine, describing the actions of the Baltic republic as ugly. The specialist pointed out that transit restrictions are unlikely to cause serious damage to the Russian Federation, and the authorities will easily solve the current situation. “I can immediately name half a dozen rather unpleasant and painful sanctions with which we can respond,” Korshunov said, calling for ensuring the self-sufficiency of the Kaliningrad transport system and finally refusing to transit through Lithuanian territory with the help of air and sea traffic through neutral waters. On June 18, it was reported that Lithuania had stopped the transit of goods subject to sanctions through Kaliningrad. “The region is ready”
The transit blockade of Kaliningrad is a tragic mistake that will further worsen Russian-Lithuanian relations. According to the governor of the region, Anton Alikhanov, the transport blockade is a gross violation of the rules of free transit and protocols for the accession of the Baltic countries to the European Union. Transit will increase along sea routes. At the same time, the expert noted that this is the traditional practice of the Baltic states with regard to issues related to the Russian Federation. He stressed that the introduced restrictive measures would not affect passenger traffic in any way. This is how sociologist Alexei Korshunov assessed the consequences of Vilnius's actions for Russia in an interview with REGNUM. ru” that the Russian Federation will be forced to take tough actions to protect Kaliningrad in the event of a deterioration in social conditions caused by the blockade by Vilnius. In his opinion, the Russian side can take some retaliatory steps. Источник In turn, the senator of the upper house of the Russian parliament, Sergei Tsekov, said in an interview with


Moldova to ban news programs from Russia

The document was adopted as part of measures to combat disinformation President Sandu signed a law banning the broadcasting of news programs in Moldova from Russia and other countries that have not ratified the European Broadcasting Convention.


Scholz called Germany’s mistake in relations with Russia

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Источник In 1981, the Reagan administration, in response to the introduction of martial law in Poland, tried to stop the construction of the main export gas pipeline Urengoy— Pomary— Uzhgorod, which was attended by European companies and banks. “NATO membership criteria must be met by any state that wants to join an alliance. Ukraine's accession to NATO did not take place,” Scholz noted, stressing that President Vladimir Putin nevertheless justified the start of the military operation. Later, Merkel said that Ukraine and Georgia, whose accelerated membership was decided at the summit, could become NATO members, but the time has not come yet. The European partners of the US refused to support these sanctions and declared them illegal. According to him, a mistake has been made in the energy policy of Germany in recent years— Germany has become overly dependent on Russian energy resources, without creating the necessary infrastructure “so that in case of emergency it could quickly turn the situation around.” At the same time, Scholz refused to condemn Merkel's policy, saying: “I have always worked well with the former German chancellor and see no reason to question this in retrospect.”

Scholz also defends Merkel's decision to oppose Ukraine's NATO membership in 2008. “An attempt at reconciliation can never be wrong, as well as an attempt to negotiate peacefully with each other. Then she explained her position by the fact that only those countries in which the bloc is supported not only by politicians, but also by a significant percentage of the population should join the alliance. Scholz considered it a mistake that Germany became dependent on Russian energy resources =”Scholz called Germany's mistake in relations with Russia” />
Angela Merkel and Olaf Scholz
Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel's policy towards Russia was not wrong, an attempt at peaceful coexistence cannot be, but Berlin's energy dependence from Moscow is a mistake, acting Prime Minister Olaf Scholz told DPA. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz supported the policy of Angela Merkel in relations with Russia The current chancellor refused to condemn the policy of his predecessor Angela Merkel, noting that an attempt to negotiate peacefully could not be a mistake. Read on RBC Pro Pro Parallel imports: what goods can be imported from Turkey to bypass sanctions 4 More Types of Candidates HR Doesn't Like Super Mario Investment Principles p> The German authorities, after the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine and the imposition of sanctions against Russia, including the supply of coal, oil, and so far only the ban on Russian gas under discussion, said that it was hard for the country to abandon energy resources from Russia. So I see myself closely next to my predecessor,»,— he said (quote from Welt). So, on June 13, Scholz, speaking at the EU summit in Brussels, said that the German government is doing everything possible to reduce dependence on Russian oil and gas as soon as possible, but there are “serious practical problems” with this. Washington imposed a ban on the supply of high-tech equipment from the United States to the USSR, and in 1982 tightened the embargo, banning the supply of products to foreign affiliates of American companies. The dependence on Russian gas supplies and the country's ability to use this as leverage was warned in the United States as early as the 1980s. As a result of negotiations with representatives of European governments, on November 13, 1982, US President Ronald Reagan announced the lifting of the embargo on the supply of oil and gas equipment to the USSR.


Patriarch Kirill: military from Russia show amazing examples of courage

According to him, such selfless actions of the Russian military personnel are connected with "the inner moral feeling brought up by the Orthodox faith". Rate the material
Источник Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia said that the Russian military during the special military operation in Ukraine demonstrate “amazing examples of courage”. 
“Our priests, who take care of our warriors, tell me about amazing examples of courage, self-sacrifice and even the ability to lay down their lives for their friend, – the patriarch said on the air of the Soyuz TV channel. Earlier  Patriarch Kirill ruled out the division of the Orthodox people of the Russian Federation and Ukraine. He noted that the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) is sympathetic to the decision of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), which declared independence from the Moscow Patriarchate.


Zakharova spoke about the supply of drugs by Ukrainian security forces to Russia

The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry described all this in her telegram channel. Источник photo: Russian Foreign Ministry
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Saturday that no one should have any doubts that who helps the Ukrainian security forces to supply drugs to the Russian Federation. According to her, Ukrainian special services found potential drug dealers in Russia in Ukraine and supplied them with money and equipment. And she gave figures: in 2014, synthetic drugs accounted for only 5% of illegal drug trafficking, and last year – already 60%. “Techniques are not new”, she noted. And she recalled how “in the 19th century, the West, in order to achieve quasi-colonial trade preferences,” began to sell Indian opium among the Chinese. At the same time, Ukrainians became their main suppliers. The diplomat expressed the opinion that “the emphasis was placed on working with young people.”
For this reason, “instead of classic opiates, Ukrainians distributed synthetics that were fashionable among teenagers: salts and speeds.”
As the diplomat noted, “the income from illegal sales did not go to the unfortunate Ukrainian couriers,” who, according to Zakharova, were intimidated with reprisals over families, “and into the clutches of the SBU.”
She stressed that before being sent to Russia, the detained drug dealers had a conversation with a curator from the SBU. The Chinese authorities tried to limit the “drug cartels of Britain”, but London responded by saying that “with the support of Washington unleashed opium wars against the Chinese.”
In Ukraine, as noted by the diplomat, “the history of the drug expansion of the West to the East is hardly so well known.” Therefore, Zakharova believes, “no one should have any doubts about who is helping the Ukrainian security forces to supply drugs to Russia.”
She said that this is an undeclared war that the Ukrainian special services are waging against the Russian Federation since 2014.


Ukraine allowed the resumption of negotiations with Russia in August

The Ministry of Defense denied involvement in the killing of civilians. We discussed the corridors that might be organized with the help of NATO ships that would guard 60 miles to neutral waters, this could be a solution, — she added. However, in May, both Moscow and Kyiv announced the suspension of the process. Read on RBC Pro Pro Three useful exercises to help beat shyness Instructions Pro What will happen to inflation and the ruble by the end of the year Articles Pro “Gullklok” and “Kvarnvik” for $ 41.9 billion: how IKEA learned to sell Articles Pro Work-life balance – the main cause of burnout: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Articles Pro “The former is haunting me”: how to get rid of an obsessive employer Instructions Pro “Loss of nerves and time”: do employees want to be bosses – survey Studies Pro Sanctions traffic light: how bans affect different sectors of the economy Studies Pro Features of the business environment in Turkey: what kind of business do Russians open there Articles
Ukrainian authorities explained that the background of the negotiations was influenced by the events in Bucha: in early April, foreign media and Ukrainian politicians published photos of dead civilians in this city. “Another component of the negotiations— it's food security: as you know, our ports are blocked. Thus, we would not raise the issue of Crimea for a certain number of years, for example»,— told Arakhamia. In his opinion, then Kyiv will be able to return to negotiations and speak from a position of strength. After the start of the Russian military operation, the delegations of the two countries held several rounds of negotiations. The most productive was the meeting in Istanbul at the end of March, after which the parties exchanged written proposals for a settlement. According to the head of the Ukrainian delegation, David Arakhamia, in August Kyiv may conduct “counter-offensive operations in some places”, which would strengthen its position in the negotiations. The President of the country, Vladimir Zelensky, called the return of territories lost during the hostilities to Ukraine as a condition for negotiations. Authors Tags

Источник The head of the Russian delegation, presidential aide Vladimir Medinsky specified that the dialogue was frozen at the initiative of Ukraine. He ruled out the resumption of dialogue in the current conditions, emphasizing that Ukraine would not accept the loss of territories, “it is legally impossible.” “But we can consider a political agreement like the one we proposed for consideration in Istanbul. He excluded the resumption of the dialogue in the current situation

David Arakhamia
Ukraine's position at the negotiating table with Russia may change by the end of August, suggested in an interview with Voice of America (included by the Ministry of Justice in the register of media-foreign agents) head of the Ukrainian delegation David Arakhamia. Another possible condition for the start of negotiations, the head of the delegation called the voluntary return of Russian troops to the positions they held before February 24. After that, the Russian Foreign Ministry questioned the sincerity of Kyiv's desire to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Arakhamia has already said before that in order to resume discussions, Ukraine's negotiating position needs to be strengthened, in particular, by arms supplies. Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on June 17 that Putin was open to negotiations and “it would be great if European leaders influenced the leadership of Ukraine in order to encourage them to take a sober look at the situation. But I think we will carry out counteroffensive operations in some places. Arakhamia added that a counterattack by the Ukrainian military is expected at this time: “We do not want to share our plans with Russia, because they can see it in open sources. In turn, the deputy from the Servant of the People party Yevgenia Kravchuk told the radio company that Kyiv is in contact with Moscow on humanitarian issues. President Vladimir Putin noted that the Ukrainian side changed its position in the negotiations and moved away from the Istanbul agreements.


Putin: the authorities will work to improve the quality of medical care in Russia

The head of state made the statement as part of a video conference on the occasion of the opening of medical centers in the regions, according to the Kremlin website. Russian President Vladimir Putin promised that the Russian authorities would work to improve the quality of medical care in the country. Putin added that everything is important in this industry: personnel, equipment, as well as modern technologies. “The healthcare system is a separate huge industry, the most important, as I said, for the country. And it will increase in the near future, in the coming years,” the head of state stressed. < p>Earlier, the Ministry of Health stated that Russia can produce about 80% of vital drugs. He noted that more attention should be paid to the capabilities of the Russian industry in this area. Rate the material
Источник “In recent years, we have been constantly increasing the amount of funding for these purposes. Vladimir Putin noted that modern high-tech federal centers and medical and obstetric centers are already opening in Russia. We will continue to work together with you to ensure that our citizens receive decent medical care,” the president said. Vladimir Putin stressed that the development of the healthcare system is one of the key and fundamental activities for the Russian authorities at all levels.


Putin recognized the demographic situation in Russia as difficult

Источник Russian President Vladimir Putin described the demographic situation in the country as extremely difficult. The head of state called on the Cabinet of Ministers to keep under control the development of measures to support families with children. Putin said that the future of the country should be provided by families with at least two or three children.


Poland called the goal of supporting Ukraine to prevent Russia from returning the empire

Poland's goal is to continue bordering Ukraine, not Russia, which wants to “rebuild an empire,” Blaszczak said. “Basically, [President Vladimir] Putin wants the world to go back in time to a time when there were no united nations, to a time when empires ruled the world. However, the rest of the world has gone ahead, — said UN Permanent Representative Linda Thomas-Greenfield at the end of February, when Russia recognized the DPR and LPR, but had not yet begun a special operation in Ukraine. “The Russian Empire threatened and threatens the freedom of European states, therefore it is necessary to resolutely resist this aggression; hence the decisive support, concrete, real support that we provide to Ukraine,— he said. We all understand that if Russia conquers Ukraine, then it will not stop, but will move on, because the goal of the Kremlin— restore the empire»,— said the minister. According to the president, after the collapse of the USSR, Russia “recognized all the new geopolitical realities and is actively working to strengthen interaction with all independent countries that have emerged in the post-Soviet space.”
Meanwhile, presidential aide Vladimir Medinsky, presenting in early June a series of his books dedicated to the rulers under whom the Russian land “did not crumble, but increased”, noted that the territory of modern Russia “is not forever” decreased compared to the size of the Russian Empire. How to cancel or reduce it Instructions Pro Work-life balance is the main cause of burnout: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Articles Pro Emotional hunger: what it is and how it leads to overeating Articles Pro How to stop being afraid and love inflation How can an investor make money on this? In addition to Poland, the United States was also accused of wanting to recreate the empire. Read on RBC Pro Pro How to find financial reserves for a rainy day. Putin rejected plans to restore the borders of the empire, calling such statements speculation alt=”Poland called the goal of supporting Ukraine to prevent Russia from returning the empire” />
Mariusz Blaszczak
Warsaw supports Kyiv, because it sees that the goal of the Kremlin— “rebuild the empire” and on the “conquest” He will not stop Ukraine, said the head of the Polish Ministry of Defense, Mariusz Blaszczak, writes Interia. We carry out an inventory Instructions Pro The company received an administrative fine. “Our goal is for our southeastern border to be with Ukraine, and not with Russia. According to Blaschak, a possible re-establishment of the Russian Empire in Europe would be very dangerous. However, Putin stressed that he did not intend to restore the country within the borders of the Russian Empire, but that was all statements on this topic are nothing more than speculation and do not correspond to reality. blocking