Tommy Lee Says Alkaline “Use My Good Good Eye On His Art”

Tommy Lee Sparta is reacting to Alkaline using his eye on the cover art of the single “Red Eyes.”

Back in March, Alkaline released his first ever Tommy Lee diss track titled “Red Eyes.” On the cover art of the single, the Vendetta deejay cleverly used a photo of the Spartan deejay’s eye. The whole thing was hilarious and now Tommy Lee’s response is even more hilarious. “True him take my good good eye and put in a him thing I just shoot up back him mask,” Tommy Lee said in a recent interview.

The Mobay deejay released a new single last week title “Target” and on the cover art he used a Vendetta mask covered in bullets and blood. Seems like this beef is turning into a war on who can come up with the best cover art, but so far Tommy Lee has already released more than half a dozen diss records. Alkaline has only released one track and has side step the beef for the most part except for a small jab during his performance at Reggae Sumfest last month.


Listen Masicka New Song “Cash Talk” On Malibu Riddim

Masicka let his money do all the talking in his new song “Cash Talk” featured on the hot new Malibu Riddim.

The beat was produced by H2O Records and featured a number of big names like Sizzla, I-Octane, Bugle, and Chi Ching Ching. “Now listen nobody naan go listen / Worst if your broke a deh a prison / Now your ratings little / Bag a fake love if yo go missing / But when the blessings start drizzle,” Masicka deejay.

Masicka is hot off a well received performance at Reggae Sumfest 2017, a performance that almost never happened due to a dispute over the time the deejay was billed to performed. Listen to the new track “Cash Talk” below.


Watch WSTRN & Alkaline New Video “Txtin’”

No texting allowed when you are around WSTRN and Alkaline. The video for their collaborative single “Txtin’” is now out check it out below.

The West London hip hop group traveled to the ghetto in Kingston to shoot the video last month with the Vendetta boss. The group is signed to U.K. wing of Atlantic Records. The video starts out with a man on the side of the street rapping while the WSTRN trio made their way through downtown Kingston to meet up with Alkaline.

“Million phone lights anytime me go on stage that’s the way me live / But no texting matter of fact no phones allowed from yo come in a mi crib / Me a cut to the chase and go straight to the biz,” Alkaline rhymes. The dancehall deejay is fresh off a well received performance at Reggae Sumfest 2017 last weekend.


Listen: Masicka – “Knock It” (Aidonia Diss)

Fresh off a well received performance at Reggae Sumfest, Masicka head straight to the studio to deliver another Aidonia diss record “Knock It.”

The track was co-produced by Damage Music and Masicka’s own Genahsyde Records. Similar to a few of his recent tracks, the fast rising dancehall deejay delivered some gritty lyrics over a base-heavy dancehall beat. “Wa mi do charge up the matic like a battery / Point two strap a say yo bad that a mockery / Watch me pull up on them ends like a taxi / Me see yo gun box a smoke and get dropsy,” Masicka deejay.

Masicka and Vybz Kartel currently has one of the biggest singles in dancehall “InfraRed.” The music video for the track also stirred up some controversy which resulted in an investigation by law enforcement over the use of guns and armored truck in the visuals.


Watch Beenie Man New Video “Hot Brain”

Hot off a memorable performance at Reggae Sumfest last weekend, Beenie Man debut his new video “Hot Brain.”

The summer single was produced by Chimney Records while the cut features the Doc hosting a block party with his crew including Camar who is featured on the single. “In a my house mi deh a hold a nap / Mi phone ring yo know a Nicky that / She a tell me say them burst the hydrant on the road / Because the whole place hot / Me step out ’cause a my town,” Beenie Man deejay.

Beenie Man put on a show for his fans at last weekend on International Night. Watch the video for the single “Hot Brain” below.


Vogue Name Spice The Fashion Queen Of Dancehall

Spice has been getting a lot of praises for her performance at Reggae Sumfest last weekend and now she is getting some major props for her outfit.

The self-proclaim new queen of the dancehall was named the fashion-forward queen of dancehall”It feels great to be called the Fashion Forward-Queen of Dancehall by fashion outfit Vogue Magazine. Dancehall has always been a fashionable genre but this year’s Reggae Sumfest saw the stars pulling all the stops to look their best and patrons did the same. Spice made a grand entrance on stage in the early morning on a bed and went straight into her smash hit single “Sheet.”

“It feels great to be called the Fashion Forward-Queen of Dancehall,” Spice said. “It gives me a title that sets a high standard for me, in my books. Over the years, I’ve always been trying to bring that authentic dancehall fashion to a next level with my colourful wigs and risky dancehall style. Coming from Vogue, it’s really a big deal for me.”

Spice, whose real name is Grace Hamilton, has been the leading female in dancehall for the past couple of years. Yesterday she wrote a message for her fans on Instagram telling that that she is the new queen of dancehall. “The New #Queenofdancehall who vex,” she wrote.


Spice Crowns Herself The New Queen Of Dancehall

Is Spice the new queen of dancehall. Some of her fans agree with her assessment while others aren’t sold.

Spice had one of the best, if not the best performance, at Reggae Sumfest last weekend and now she is crowning herself the new queen of dancehall. “Often times us as woman in the fraternity complain about not getting the love and support so when we do we have to applaud our peers,” Spice said. “Even artiste that was on the show a call and congratulate me so I feel elated because I perform amongst the BIGGEST NAMES in Dancehall and the #queenofstage did that.”

“Big up the rest of artiste who I heard also did exceptionally well,” the “So Mi Like It” deejay added. “The New #Queenofdancehall who vex join me August 4th to celebrate my birthday with me at Oneils place car park.”

Some of her fans comments on the post congratulating her but some weren’t amused. “U deserve it, continue to work even harder,” one fan wrote while another added, “You’re definitely the stage queen but queen of dancehall am not sure about that.”

After 4 days my performance @reggaesumfest is still #1 on trending and I want to take time out to big up patrons and media houses who have spoken openly that they believe I took the entire show. I will continue to try and put on a show when ever you come out to see me and remain the true "entertainer" that I am. I'm really glad you all appreciate my effort. ??????. Often times us as woman in the fraternity complain about not getting the love and support so when we do we have to applaud our peers. Even artiste that was on the show a call and congratulate me so I feel elated because I perform amongst the BIGGEST NAMES in Dancehall and the #queenofstage did that. Mmmmm so mi feel proud a mi self and hype little bit ?. Thanks my fans I LOVE YOU ALL.??? Big up the rest of artiste who I heard also did exceptionally well. The New #Queenofdancehall who vex join me August 4th to celebrate my birthday with me at Oneils place car park #sumfest #Sumfest2017 JOE BOGDANOVICH mi money double next year try know dat from now ???

A post shared by Grace Hamilton (@spiceofficial) on Jul 25, 2017 at 5:11pm PDT

A Weh the mumaclaaaat ???? dah Japanese Yah plan fi mi @reggaesumfest #sheetchallenge mi nah laugh ? him Baaaaad eeeee?

A post shared by Grace Hamilton (@spiceofficial) on Jul 22, 2017 at 4:01pm PDT


Tommy Lee Sparta Calls For Peace As Murder Grips Mobay

Tommy Lee Sparta is calling for peace as the murder rate spikes in his hometown Montego Bay.

The Mobay deejay used a part of his performance at last weekend’s Reggae Sumfest to call for peace in the city as violence and murder reached an all-time high. Roughly 130 people have been murdered in Montego Bay since the start of 2017, prompting political leaders and law enforcement to bond together to come up with solutions.

“Big up everybody,” Tommy Lee said on stage. “One love. Big up every youth inna MoBay. Wi seh one MoBay. Have respect for each other. Ease off a di heap of killing and the bag of violence, yuh zimi, big woman thing. One MoBay, one Jamaica, one world, peace out.”

Tommy Lee Sparta performed a well received set at Reggae Sumfest 2017 despite being cut short due to time constraints. Watch video footage from his performance below.


Tory Lanez Dropping New Music With Vybz Kartel & Busta Rhymes

Tory Lanez didn’t just perform on Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica last weekend, he also recorded a song with Vybz Kartel and Busta Rhymes.

The Canadian singer performed a well received set on Dancehall Night at Reggae Sumfest on Friday and even called out Popcaan on stage. During his visit to reggae land, Lanez found the time to go into the studio to lay down some vocals for a song with incarcerated dancehall legend Vybz Kartel and rap legend Busta Rhymes. The singer shared his excitement on Twitter yesterday.

“I can’t believe I did a song with Busta Rhymes and Vybz Kartel…. Like WTF,” he wrote on his Twitter timeline. Tory Lanez didn’t give any additional details on the track like release date or title, he sounds pretty excited and we can understand why since not many artists get to collaborate with great artists like Vybz Kartel and Busta Rhymes.

I can't believe I did a song with Busta Rhymes and Vybz Kartel …. Like WTF … ???

— Tory Lanez #SWAVEY (@torylanez) July 24, 2017


Vybz Kartel Fans Want Deejay On Next Sumfest Lineup With Alkaline & Mavado

Following a successful staging of the 2017 Reggae Sumfest, Vybz Kartel fans are pleading for the deejay to be released so he can be on next year’s lineup.

Some fans on Twitter think that Vybz Kartel could have done a better job than Alkaline and Mavado who both received high marks for their sets on Dancehall Night on Friday. Both Alka and Vado delivered well-received sets at Sumfest this year with some fans calling Mavado performance the best on that night.

“Worl’Boss would have done a better job and Sumfest would have made a whole lot more money if he was on the lineup,” one fan said on Twitter, while another added, “Hope them free Kartel in time for next year lineup. Am in Canada and I would book my ticket same time to see the Gaza boss perform.”

The last time Vybz Kartel graced the Reggae Sumfest stage was in 2011, a few months before his arrest in Kingston. Although he has been incarcerated since then, he has remained a relevant dancehall artist thanks to a regular supply of new music coming from his camp.


Alkaline Diss Tommy Lee Sparta Returns To Sumfest With A Bang

Alkaline and Tommy Lee Sparta returns to Reggae Sumfest with a big bang. The two dancehall rivals put on a show for their fans in Montego Bay on Friday night.

The new owners of Reggae Sumfest, Downsound Entertainment, pulled off another hugely successful staging of one of the most popular reggae music festivals in the world after taking it over last year. Both Dancehall Night and International Reggae Night saw a massive turnout of fans and local artists were in fine form.

Alkaline made a grand entrance on stage approximately 6 AM Saturday and perhaps the high point of his performance was when he dissed Tommy Lee Sparta in his backyard at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex. “Hey bwoy Nyammy Lee,” Alkaline said on stage as the crowd went wild. The Vendetta boss kicked off his performance with “Formula” a song that French Montana remake for his new album Jungle Rules. Alkaline even performed his Tommy Lee diss record “Red Eyes.”

A few weeks before Sumfest, Tommy Lee Sparta made a statement warning Alkaline not to try anything in his home town Montego Bay. He even made reference to the “Champion Boy” deejay using his eyes on the cover art of his diss single “Red Eyes.” But Alka ignored the threats and did exactly what Tommy Lee Sparta told him not to.


Live Stream Reggae Sumfest 2017 Here In HD

You can live stream the 2017 Reggae Sumfest music festival in Montego Bay Jamaica video the players below.

Dancehall Night is on Friday, July 21 and Reggae Night is on Saturday, July 22. This year’s lineup sees some strong outings from the likes of Alkaline and Mavado who headline Dancehall Night. Other artists on the lineup includes Aidonia, Bounty Killer, Masicka, Dexta Daps, Tommy Lee Sparta, Spice, Shenseea, Tifa, Devin Di Dakta, Iyara, Singer J, Ding Dong, and Canadian singer Tory Lanez.

Saturday will see some big names in action like Sean Paul, Sean Kingston, Jah Cure, Beenie Man, Sizzla Kalonji, Mad Cobra, Christopher Martin, Queen Ifrica, Kabaka Pyramid and more. You can stream the show on any device including smartphones, laptops, tablets and smart TV.


Listen Alkaline New Single “Golden Hold” – It’s Fire

Alkaline drop a new single “Golden Hold” ahead of his highly anticipated performance tomorrow night at Sumfest.

Sources inside the Vendetta told DHH that he will be performing the new Lee Milla-produced single at Reggae Sumfest. “No pretty boy thing mi wild and mean / Mi a kick weh yo foot them and f**k yo hard mek yo scream / Turn on the show left the water fi steam / When mi done with your pu*** yo walk and go in / She did have a man but she no bother waan see him,” Alkaline deejay.

Since the start of the year, Alkaline has been dropping a consistent supply of new music, around one or two songs per month. Listen to the new track “Golden Hold” below.


Masicka Cancels Reggae Sumfest Performance

Masicka and his manager Corey Todd have pulled his performance on Friday night at Reggae Sumfest.

According to Todd, it’s just one thing after the other the made him decided to throw in the towel on the highly anticipated performance. He named the running with Aidonia and his crew at a rehearsal among the many reasons for his decision to not perform. Masicka was also previously scheduled to perform between 2 AM and 3 AM Saturday morning, but Todd says he was informed yesterday that the time was moved up to 12:30 AM.

“Masicka fans won’t be there at the time so it’s pointless to perform at this point,” he said. Corey Todd also accused organizers of being unprofessional in their handling of the deejay including using an old photo of Masicka on the shows promo flyers. “It was just one thing after another but we said we were going to perform for the fans so we paid that no attention,” Corey Todd added.


Are Mavado, Alkaline & Jahmiel Working On New Music

Mavado, Alkaline, and Jahmiel have formed an alliance in dancehall called MVP and now they are working on new music together.

The MVP clique, which stands for Mavado Vedetta Patriotz, recently hit the studio together fueling rumors that they are working on a new project. Sources are telling Dancehall HipHop that they recorded a song together that will arrive sometime this summer. “I know a lot of people have a lot of questions but all I can say is a new song is coming from MVP,” sources told us.

Our sources didn’t give us a release date or the producer behind the upcoming single, but Mavado, Alkaline, and Jahmiel have a large segment of the dancehall fan base. Some may even argue that Alkaline is currently the leading artist in dancehall after surpassing Vybz Kartel in popularity, but that is still up for debate. The three dancehall deejays have been beefing with Popcaan and Vybz Kartel and a few of their affiliate artists since last year. All three of them will also be performing at this week’s Reggae Sumfest.


Did Masicka Called Cops After Confronted By Aidonia ?

Masicka and Corey Todd reportedly called cops on Aidonia following a heated confrontation at a Reggae Sumfest rehearsal.

There are a lot of conflicting reports about the alleged incident with some folks on social media saying that Aidonia group was the one who had to call cops for protection after Masicka and Corey Todd confronted them. Sources inside 4thGenna told that Aidonia and his crew turn up for rehearsal and saw Masicka in the middle of his rehearsal. The Genahsyde deejay was reportedly rehearsing a diss record and someone from the 4thGenna crew walked in.

“Them man deh only bad in a song because when we see them in person them a tremble like leaf,” sources said. “When we arrive for rehearsal him (Masicka) did a perform a song him claim say is a diss but then him stop when we walk in. We never affi say nothing them just stop and then somebody from Downsound ask we fi wait outside and all police come and them thing deh.”

Masicka people are calling the story BS saying it’s the other way around. We’re told that Masicka was rehearsing and was performing a diss track when when Aidonia arrived and he didn’t stopped. His people are now saying that Aidonia camp was the ones who called the cops on them.


Sean Kingston Answers Critics Buys Mansion & Benz In Jamaica

Sean Kingston has answered critics of his so-called money woes by buying a mansion and a AMG Mercedes-Benz SUV in Jamaica.

The reggae pop star will be performing at Reggae Sumfest this weekend, but before he took the stage, the singer dropped some major racks in his birth land. Sean Kingston revealed on his Instagram that he bought a house in the upscale Norbrook community in St. Andrew and then hit up the Mercedea-Benz dealership to cop a new Mercedes-Benz GLE43 AMG coupe.

“With hard work and prayers anything and everything is possible,” Kingston wrote. “New All white Benz to match my new all white mansion in Kingston. Don’t believe what u read. Believe what u see!! Bless up.” The “Beautiful Girl” singer has been in the news a lot lately with several reports of him being slapped with lawsuits for money he owed to jewelers and his cars being repossessed.

Sean Kingston says that he made the move because whenever he travels to Jamaica he has to rent a car and a house. “Every time I come to Jamaica, I always have to be renting a car or try to get buses for my entire team,” said. “In the US, I have like three, four cars, so I just feel like Jamaica is my country and one of the best places I have been to, so I want to set the thing. So I made up my mind that this year I will be getting a car and a house. With God’s willing, everything, has been falling into place; I got the car, and I have my house in Norbrook, so I am really excited, and I will be here a lot.”

With hard work and prayers anything and everything is possible.. New All white Benz to match my new all white mansion in Kingston ??. Don't believe what u read. Believe what u see!! Bless up.. #seankingston #reggaesumfest2017

A post shared by Sean Kingston (@seankingston) on Jul 16, 2017 at 3:29pm PDT

Since I was a young kid growing up.. the dream was to be successful enough to get my own house and Car in jamaica! God willing, Yesterday I was able to make both happen all in 1 day.. smh crazy.. leave a comment if u have a dream u chasing! @thetropixs @sleekjamaica @britishlinkz @thejamaicastar @jamaicagleaner @mercedesbenzjamaica

A post shared by Sean Kingston (@seankingston) on Jul 16, 2017 at 2:58pm PDT