Ten Years Ago Today, Porter Robinson Released His Debut EP, ‘Spitfire,’ on OWSLA

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This article was first published on Your EDM. The electronic music scene ten years ago looked a lot different than it does today. Artists weren’t getting their tracks in major motion pictures, AAA video game titles weren’t creating full albums of EDM-inspired tracks, let alone creating bespoke events in-game, nor were there any major fashion brands giving artists sponsorships or ambassadorships. Source: Ten Years Ago Today, Porter Robinson Released His Debut EP, ‘Spitfire,’ on OWSLA


OWSLA Shares Insane NYE Recap Featuring Skrillex, Point Point & Cray [WATCH]

It looks like OWSLA brought in 2018 like no one else — all the way from Japan!

This fantastic recap video reflects a day in the life scenario with the OWSLA crew, featuring Skrillex, Point Point and Cray. Centered around an OWSLA pop-up shop and afterparties put on by Brownies and Lemonade, this video perfectly encapsulates DJ life matched with an imaginative, creative vision, embracing the lifestyle that drives cities like Tokyo and Kyoto.

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Traveling so far away from home, these DJ/producers were out of their element for sure — but that’s exactly what this OWSLA pop-up was all about. Watch and enjoy!

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“Sometimes, I go to places and feel like it’s familiar. But not here. We’re somewhere else, here.”

OWSLA Pop-Up Japan

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