Beenie Says He Makes 5 Songs Per Week Talks Spice & Legacy In Dancehall

Beenie Man says he is one of the hardest working deejays in dancehall even after so many years.

The dancehall legend also made it clear that he has nothing against Spice despite their running last year. During a sit down on Nightly Fix, Beenie Man opened up about a number of topics including his legacy and current status in dancehall. The deejay insisted that he is still the king of dancehall because he isn’t baptized.

One of the criticisms of Beenie Man and other older deejays in the business is that they still feel the need to compete with the younger generation of artists. When asked about that top, Beenie strongly pushed back against the assumption saying he doesn’t compete with any other artists in the business but still work hard because that is naturally who he is.

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“The problem is I cannot go a week without making five songs, I will be a mad man,” the Doc said. “Listen, music just come by the beat, you hear the beat and lyrics start build, so every beat that plays in the studio you build a different song for it. It’s not competing, this is my job, this is what I do, I make music, so without me making music then me at my yard sit down a watch TV or a play game and I don’t do that.”

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On whether or not he is taking away attention from younger artists, Beenie Man said, “This is the problem with dancehall music, why one man have to get all the glory, why everybody cannot get them own glory?”

“Alkaline have him own fans, Vybz Kartel have him own fans, Popcaan have him own fans, everybody have them own fans, so everybody is getting them own glory,” he continues. “Why is it that I am a threat to everybody? Because you is that man fan and you want that man to be where I am? Two entity can’t hold the same space one of us is going to blow up. Each and every individual in music have their own space, have them own respect and have them own time.”

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Alkaline Not Wanted In Kasanova Missing Case [Rumor Control]

Alkaline is not wanted by police in the Kasanova missing case despite the rumors floating around.

Some folks online started a rumor this week claiming that Alkaline is being sought by police officers investing the missing case of his former associate Kasanova. The upcoming dancehall deejay mysteriously vanished over a week ago and has not been seen or heard from since. A rep for the Vendetta deejay told Dancehall HipHop that Alkaline has nothing to do with the missing case and cops have not contacted him.

“These are just rumors because them love to call Vendetta [Alkaline] name on everything,” Alka rep said. “He is not wanted by cops nor did any police officer contacted him regarding that case. I hope the person who is missing is alive and well because we don’t wish bad on any man. But Vendetta has nothing to do with this, point blank.”

Kasanova manager DJ Luxx is casting the blame for him going missing on another former manager name Jay Bad whom he said had a falling out with the deejay just a few days before he went missing. Luxx told Nightly Fix that he fears something nefarious happened to the artist.


Fambo Says He Is Bigger Than Vybz Kartel & Alkaline Internationally

Is Future Fambo a bigger more recognized artists internationally than Vybz Kartel and Alkaline?

Both Vybz Kartel and Alkaline have been the two biggest artists in dancehall locally over the last few years although some fans of the genre may argue about which of the two is bigger right now. Without doubts, they are both hugely popular in Jamaica, but just how well do they stack up against other artist on the international scene. Speaking with Nightly Fix, Fambo noted that his last album Evolve – The Uprise outsells Vybz Kartel and Alkaline albums which were all released in 2016.

“You know that my album out did Vybz Kartel and Alkaline albums on that chart… nobody no business,” Future Fambo said. The album Evolve – The Uprise debut at number two on the Billboard Reggae Chart in August last year. “Am not a popular artist in Jamaica,” Fambo added. The veteran dancehall deejay admitted that he is not a big artist in Jamaica and often gets out shadowed by bigger artists locally like Beenie Man on the track “Rum and Red Bull.”


Was Alkaline Affiliate Kasanova Killed By Former Manager ?

Alkaline former affiliate Kasanova is feared dead after being missing for over a week now.

One of his managers is blaming his death on his other manager whom he said had a falling out just a few days before the artist went missing. DJ Luxx spoke with Nightly Fix a few days ago and revealed that Kasanova went missing just after visiting his mother and has not been seen since. His phone is going straight to voicemail.

“A week and a half before that he had some issues with management, there was a big uproar because as you know he is being managed by two persons which is me and another person name Jay Bad,” Luxx said. “Me and the artist [Kasanova] found out that Jay Bad has been scamming people using both my name and the name of the artist to gain money like a lot of money.”

DJ Luxx didn’t say if he believed that Kasanova was killed by Jay Bad, but he did say that the dancehall deejay wanted to part ways with that particular manager. “It is just strange that couple days after that incident this happened to the artist,” Luxx added.