Rick Ross Wingstop Joint Robbed By Rookie Rapper To Get His Attention

One of Rick Ross Wingstop restaurants was robbed by a rookie rapper who wanted to get his attention.

What a way to get Rozay’s attention. Aspiring rapper Cedric Miller wanted to get Rick Ross attention so bad that he took it upon himself to rob one of the fast food joints. In case you’re wondering why Wingstop, Rozay owns a bunch of Wingstops across the country and often hit up his own wings joint with his friends. He wasn’t at that particular location in Memphis at the time of the robbery, but Miller thought it would get his attention anyway.

It did get the Maybach Music Group rapper’s attention and somebody else, the cops, which earned Miller a felony charge and some possible time behind bars. Apparently, he never heard about SoundCloud. XXL reported that the 23-year-old was identified as one of the suspects in the January 5th robbery of the Wingstop on Union Avenue.

Whether or not he will get a recording deal from Rick Ross is still up in the air, but we doubt it. You can’t mess with the boss’ money and then expect him to give you more money. One customer of the local restaurant says he doubts that Rick Ross will even give him the time of day.

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Wale Disses Chance The Rapper Then Went Lights Out On Twitter

Wale fired off a shot at Chance The Rapper and then when fans called him out on it he went lights out.

In all fairness to Wale, he didn’t specifically named Chance The Rapper in his latest rant on Twitter, but folks automatically concluded that he was talking about the Chicago emcee. “Some of these politici…..I mean rappers have some amazing PR…good two shoes all American boy holier than thou swag,” Wale tweeted.

After getting some push backs on Twitter, Wale deleted all of his tweets and his posted on Instagram and changed his profile photo and background to black. Perhaps Wale is thinking that Chance The Rapper whole persona is fake being that he is considering getting into politics and a more socially conscious rapper. Some folks thinks that the MMG rapper is just being a hater, but he is always known to be outspoken and speak his mind on hot button issues. Despite what some folks may think of Chance, he is loved by his fans and is making serious moves as an independent artist.

Wale has in the past spoken out against his own Maybach Music Group label mate Meek Mill. Do you think that Wale was talking about Chance The Rapper in his tweets or was it someone else.


Rick Ross Bows To Pressure Apologize For Misogynistic Remarks On Female Rappers

Rick Ross has stepped forward to apologize for some misogynistic comments about female rappers amidst growing criticism.

The Bawse gets very frank during an interview on The Breakfast Club this week while responding to a question about why he has yet to sign a female rapper to his label Maybach Music Group. Ross said that he will likely have sex with a female artist if he signs them to the label. The entire exchange was very funny but that didn’t take away from the misogynistic nature of the statement. A bunch of females in the entertainment world and some fans have been sounding off on social media against the rapper and now he has apologized.

“I want to address an insensitive comment I made on a very sensitive issue, especially in a minority dominated industry like hip-hop,” Rick Ross said in a statement posted on Facebook. “My entire empire’s backbone is led by 2 of the strongest people I know and they happen to be women, my mother and sister. The operations wouldn’t run without them and I have the highest regard and respect for women in this industry. I have a daughter myself, my most cherished gift in the world.”

“My comment is not reflection of my beliefs on the issue,” he continues. “A mistake I regret. I hope to use my mistake, my platform and the community to create positive discussion to implement change on a very important issue. respect for the ones who stand up to say hey that isn’t right. Now it’s time to accept responsibility and all do better.”

I want to address an insensitive comment I made on a very sensitive issue, especially in a minority dominated industry…

Posted by Rick Ross on Thursday, July 27, 2017

Rick Ross is currently looking to sign his first female rapper perhaps from his new reality show SIGNED on VH1. The MMG rapper, The-Dream, and Lenny S. are the three judges on the show where contestants gets a chance to show off their talent while embarking on a development process.


Watch Rick Ross Auditioned Just Brittany On SIGNED

Rick Ross, The-Dream and Lenny S. are already having a lot of fun on their new show on VH1 SIGNED.

The new talent show will see the three men as the judge while they seek to sign and develop new artists in hip-hop and R&B. The show was premiered on Wednesday night on VH1 at 9 p.m. EST and will comprise of eight one-hour episodes based in Atlanta. On the first episode, the trio auditioned Houston singer/rapper Just Brittany. While she impressed them with her looks and flow, her hook didn’t grab their attention.

“We hate the hook but I like the flow,” The-Dream said while Rick Ross added, “You’re so beautiful for the eyes but your chorus I didn’t like, but what I did love was your voice… When I look into her eyes I see confidence got me hypnotized.”

Female rapper Jazz Anderson also auditioned on the first episode and unlike Just Brittany, she spit bars a capella. The artist who makes it past the development stage will have a chance to get sign to Maybach Music Group, Roc Nation, or Radio Killa Records.