Don Francisco – Job’s Lament Lyrics

The mourners, they grieve and they weep
But from then ‘til the end of the ages
He will not awake from his sleep
But oh! That my pain would be written
With lead and a steel-pointed pen
Forever engraved into granite
That my words would endure to the end
And though the cry of my heart goes unanswered
When the breath flees away from these bones
In my grave I will wait in this knowledge
In my flesh I will see You alone
You, I know I shall see God my Savior
I will look on Him just as He is
And at last we will stand here together
For I know my Redeemer lives
Now my days they go by like a runner
Like ships driven hard by the wind
Like an eagle that swoops on its quarry
They rush to my death at the end
Though I wash me in crystal clear water
Though I cleanse all my fingers with lye
In the fierce holy light of Your presence
My uncleanness will stink to the sky
Turn away, then Your gaze and Your terror
‘Til I go to the darkness unseen
For You’re not like a man I can answer
And there’s no one to stand in between
There’s no one, no one to stand in between
(Repeat chorus)
Man who is born of a woman
Flowers and then fades away
He flees like a shadow at sunset
In a lifetime as short as the day Man who is born of a woman
Flowers and then fades away
He flees like a shadow at sunset
In a lifetime as short as the day
And there is hope for a stump that is severed
Though its root grows old in the earth
At the first scent of water it wakens
And branches come out in new birth
But man, he lies down, and where is he?


Neva Dinova – Lucifer’s Lament Lyrics

Lucifer’s Lament Lyrics

Face first in gloves, I got some cancer for your love.
But you can only die twice, it’s that second time that
makes the first time seem so nice.

As fars I can tell, my angel, she fell,
her wings are sticking through her dress.
And I don’t want to look, but I must, she mistook me for
one who could be saved, I guess.

And I know what they say we all look the same in the dark, yeah I know what they say I walked in asbury park
saw my troubles in the hearts of men
hate’s a girl with pretty eyes, but I’m just not the type.

Truthfully I believe that anyone who dies kills themself.
And I fell from great heights, and saw a lot, however
fast it past.
And I don’t really like the way that I’ve become,
but I can’t stope it now, when the madness comes,
I’ll get out.