Montana of 300 – Envy Me (Remix) Lyrics

Rap God, bitch they envy me (Woo, woo)
I’m way up out these rappers league (Woo, woo)
They say I’m just what Hip-Hop need (True, true)
Punchlines hittin’ harder than Creed
Who fuckin’ with me nigga, no one ask Alicia Keys
Play games, pull up like Need for Speed (Skrrt)
You’ll see this center shoot, Joel Embiid (Bop)
I’ll put you underground like planting seeds
If I ain’t with the gang, I’m still with my gun, bitch what was you thinking?
Don’t care if I’m out of the game and watching my son, my nigga I’m squeezing, yeah
Since I was a youngin’ I knew I was it before I put my feet in
Everything that I’m seeing, I already seen it ’cause I used to dream it, yeah
Moving weight like a Kingpin, 25 in my wheat Timbs
Stick on me like hockey ’cause I had some goals that I had to defend, yeah
If you really a shooter, why talk on computers, my nigga let’s link then
They say they want beef then when I pull up on ’em they vegan
He better chill, he don’t wanna get left, I ain’t [?], I’m creepin’
I will come while you sleepin’, you don’t want me to sneak in
I’m smackin’ a opp with the back of a Glock and I’m knockin’ his teeth in
Talking bout he was tweakin’, talking bout he ain’t mean it
Guess he thought it was sweet then, now he see I don’t pretend
Yeah I took his soul, he got offed like the weekend
Used to live in a crack house, I felt like I was strapped down
The rock versus my OG, she went through more matches than SmackDown
Had to fight through the pain and fight through the rain but I never tapped out
Found myself in a trap house, started moving them packs out
I ain’t no capper but I had that bitch open just like a frat house
Since it looked like the fast route, I thought I had it all mapped out
This game is a gamble, seen too many niggas that crapped out
I ran into 12, had to fight a few cases, thought it was my last round
Better go check my background, I still can’t put the gat down
Had to bury some niggas, they homies that’s living know just how I got down, yeah
Just ’cause I’m a dad now, don’t think I won’t come blow your ass down
I don’t care what you stand for, 40 blam, you get sat down
If a bitch nigga act wild, put that 40 to him like Stackhouse
Apologies to my mother and father ’cause I was a bad child
But both of ’em could brag now, I’m an entrepreneur and I rap now
I be poppin’ them tags now, my pockets was empty, they fat now
I’m Saint Nick with the bag now, bitches wanna sit on my lap now
Bitches see I’m a big dog, wanna give me that cat now
Got so much green on me they think I’m the Hulk, yeah they want me to smash now
They be searching my name up, they feeling me just like a pat down
The best rapper alive, it should be a crime the way that I spaz out
And bitch I’m so hot if God send me to hell then the Devil gon’ pass out, ay
Coming with them clips when I trail a nigga, you don’t really wanna get a sneak peek
Got the Smith & Wesson out here teaching lessons, that bitch talking to ’em like it teach speech
Lettin’ Glocks off, knockin’ socks off, had to air him out like his feet stink
Put him under ground, call it deep sleep, his homies straighten up like a neat freak
I got big bucks, she wanna get fucked ’cause my money taller than the Greek Freak
Before drill music I was 300, ain’t got shit with dude Chief Keef
I am so goat, flow so dope, so potent, I could make the beat weak
Rappers study me ’cause I got all the answers, when I write it’s like I got a cheat sheet
Rap God bless you like you just sneezed
I think you niggas know by now I do this shit with ease
Man, everything I ever made a fuckin’ masterpiece
I’m independent not like Young Dolph, but like Master P
Might drop a bag up on my baby, that shit ain’t a thing
You know I like my bitches fancy like I’m Jamie King
From 2822, my hood was the PC’s
I was a juvenile bumpin’ that 400 Degreez
Real killer talking, watch me rub it in like Vaseline
I had to jet after I gave him the whole magazine
Don’t doubt the God, don’t doubt the squad, shout out to FGE
That’s WunTayk, T-O-3, J Real, Jayln, and No Fatigue, yeah

Rap God, FGE shit, you already know what it is
New album on the way, May 20th
Views from the General’s Helmet
Man get ready, man, FGE shit, man, squad


Montana of 300 – FGE Cypher Pt. 8 Lyrics

[Verse 1: Talley of 300]
All I know is, bodies like a morgue, tags like a store
If they wanted war, bitches run before
Pistols under pillows, pistols in the drawers
Though I’m one hell of an artist this won’t be a draw
I’m that nigga like jango
Tryna not let the pain go
Withdraws wrapped up in bands like Franklin sprained an ankle
Hip-hop like a kango
Why these rappers rainbow
I’m a [?] dancer with my AK like a tango
Putting niggas in they place, like a [?]
Bitch I came from the concrete
If I don’t go suit up and release venom from inside me
I’m a put these numbers on your face like a time piece
They gon’ pray by it all
Lord they wait on my fall
See em [?] by the neck
But I don’t play [?] ball
Niggas stay by the [?]
They brought hate to the ball
They gon’ sling with the pigs, I mean they lay with the law
Its a , cold game like hockey nigga, cold world like J.Cole
Full of false prophets nigga
Learn that what I had to watch what I say from John Gotti nigga
And then my flow, whole power like tsunamis nigga
Catch the wave, I’m tired, its FGE till the grave
But I’m fly, like I been resurrected
I elevate, I need my lime like I’m sipping tequila up in the shade
Got the juice
But just know this shit was in minute made

[Verse 2: No Fatigue]
FGE in this bitch man, y’all know how I’m coming
I come from the bottom, thats how I know I’m the shit
Look in the mirror it’s true
It’s fuck the law cause they want you cuffed in the cage
Or your hands crossed in a suit
And fuck niggas, because cause you know they feeling the same
But lowkey police too
I’m on a mission, they saying it’s impossible
Don’t hit the gas like [?]
Just be impatient, see niggas hating yeah
Read them like articles
Watch out for hoes, tryna finesse ,fuck em like sex
They are some fools
Think what you wanna
Calling me like a transformer
Run up you gonna be a goner
Sing like Madonna
[?] protect your honor
[?] saved like a condom
Slide on that condom
I beat that pussy like Ronda
We ain’t hot like a sauna
Different, just like John was
Can’t see me, just like Wakanda
Raw undertaker Brock Lesnar doing Johnson
I don’t care what your response is
I go third quarter Klay Thompson
I remember flipping packs
On the phone like an app
I need paper even straps
Ain’t no time to relax
Bumpy road I fell off
Like a nigga had collapsed
Broskie them, got my back
Hold me down like a snap
Bad breaks how I grind
Stolen watch, it take time
Longer than it take 5
Hope you hit, waistline
Killing beats, Jason
It’s the fucking 8th time
And you niggas really bitches talking like a date line
Yeah I’m a fly guy baby come fuck with the real
Pop me like a pick, she gon’ let me bend and drill
96′ Chevy keep the stick behind the wheel
Packer, on that green bay, just like the field

[Verse 3: WunTayk Timmy]
Let me in on the rapping debate
I’m the one with the capital take
Niggas ain’t have what it takes
Gave em’ a hand and got slapped in the face
Now I got racks in the safe and a [?] and more crack in the case
Anybody who don’t get out of my way is roadkill
Having a break, hoes still don’t be acting they age
I’m getting back in the back of the range. from two hoes
Thats Dracula fangs, I’m cool Joe to a cat in a case
They lying and they bots
It’s the alignment of the stars
Shit thats what I heard what it takes
You a rat in a case
I’m a rat with a snake
Cut the grass [?]
I’m an asshole, when I ask [?]
But the cash flow all that matters today
In the field with the sack [?]
I’m the illest rapper who lasted today
Prettiest man with a tat on my face
2k, nah, we ain’t finna play
[?] strap in my ways
[?] pussy is aqua
I hit the Chihuahua
The lady a gaggler
Baby a gaga
She calling me daddy, she hated her father
Niggas be acting, I ain’t with the drama
The [?] jacket will make it a [?]
The dudes in the back made me a monsta
I may be a [?]
Cause mama said if you [?]
And my papa weasel, like a jack in a box
Bought to find a deagle, with some apple stock
Apple on the back like a Macintosh
Clique clan, know I got the socks
Boots on and the camoflauge
Silencers take the loudest shots
Say “ss ss” [?] shadow box
Real shit niggas cap a lot
Talking big shit, thats caps lock
Nigga this shit like crack rock
Cause if you found me, you hit the jack pot
My team got a pad lock
Need to stop playing all the mans
[?] take a last shot
Now the money growing its a cash crime, nigga

[Verse 4: Montana of 300]
Rap God of G shit, you already know what it is man
Thinking about my kids thats what motivates me and and wakes me up
Amune to satisfaction can’t less success make me lazier
My son just faced time I told him I’m on my way to ya
.40 cal on me whenever I pick my babies up
I’m balling I’m schooling them, I’m professor Xavier
I don’t play games on tracks, this ain’t a stadium
Ya homies gonna scramble as soon as I Tom Brady ya
And why they RIP they shirts like Hulkamania
Slide down on them with two sticks like I’m sking
.40 hold like a dick when it aim like its peeing
I will cook a nigga it don’t matter the season
Don’t talk beef if you not gonna meet like a vegan
Like fake glasses, I got these bitches eyes glued
They ain’t the truth, ain’t you tired of being lied to?
Life’s a rollar coaster, who told you that the rides smooth?
You say its Gods plan, then put yourself in God’s shoes
Why would I send my message through men who could switch up letters?
Why would I let my kids get raped when I could switch the lever?
Why would I send my kids to [?] when I got something better?
Why would I sacrifice my son when I can have whatever?
My lyrics pop out, they make you wonder “Did God write this?”
Cause every joint that I drop tighter than arthritis
The ungrateful though young be catching alzheimers
You disrespecting, you get the coffin no bronchitis, GOD!


Montana of 300 – The Crow Lyrics

I get it crackin’ like eggs I’m Yeshua back from the dead
I could turn any thought into bread
I’m no Christian but I got the Edge
It gets cold when I slide like a sled
When I do so no needle and thread
Bullets flippin’ up better hit heads
Turn a coffin into your new bed
I’m hip hop’s Stephen King of Westcraven
Gotta be on my paper no gradin’
Gotta bring ’em that message like ravens
Every struggle I went through was trainin’
Every loss there’s a lesson I’m gainin’
Can’t be scared to get wet when it’s rainin’
We can’t grow if we don’t let the pain in
Don’t make excuses and don’t do no blamin’
Everyone thinks the truth’s on the canvas
But only the creator could paint it
Bitch that means only God could explain it
Wanna meet him I’ll make some arrangements
Niggas act like it’s war that they cravin’
Until I come and do an invasion
If you real say that shit to my face
And not behind my back like an apron
When I see you don’t do no explainin’
Make you eat every word you was sayin’
I just wanna see what you was thinkin’
So you already know how I’m aimin’
Point it at his head and then strike him down
Make his ass eat a light like he Raiden
Put a part in his top like it’s braidin’
When that clip hit his top he ain’t shavin’
I’m a boss, bitch I do what I choose to
Bitch I been turned like a loose screw
I don’t sell drugs but I used to
I been the connect before bluetooth
I get top from your boo in a new coupe
I could rap I look good I could shoot too
I draw when it’s sketchy plus my shooters ready
To pull that bitch out like a loose tooth
They gone edit don’t care about who’s who
Tell your kids they gon’ cry when they lose you
Put they pa on the TV like Blue’s Clues
Murder scene when we shootin’, no news crew
Bunch of blood on his shirt that ain’t prune juice
I just made his designer say suwoop
Now he need a casket and new suit
Wet him up in the morning like Fruit Loops
I got God up inside of me
Go tell the devil that I am the hottest commodity
Loyal to the Lord without a havin’ a thought of a heaven
He didn’t have to promise me
In my country my president’s prejudice
Them devils do not believe in equality
Never compromisin’ with poverty
Don’t play games with your money, Monopoly
Get a check and invest in some property
Always leave with that steel like a robbery
Fuck everyone’s feelings don’t do sugarcoatin’
It ain’t no substitute for honesty
Ever wonder if Jesus is scared
Or he got the balls to pop up like the lottery
And if God’s so forgiving
Then would he be willing to accept the devil’s apology
I know I’m a blessing I don’t come in second
My flow is from heaven, my soul is protected
This rapper’s gifted and what I’ma give to you is out of the box
Like you opening presents
Me and hip hop like Hulk Hogan and wrestling
Can’t hustle too long, gotta know when to exit
Started off trappin’ and turned it to rappin’
It’s FGE, we the new No Limit Records
Got dough with my bros off the dope I was sellin’
Had hoes gettin’ naked, got throat like a necklace
Some homies got jealous didn’t know I was destined
Only Lord knows, with that pole I was reckless
We stopped what I’m doin’ like hold up a second
No PlayStation game, I was loading that tech in
My opps caught them bullets with no interception
I shot the crap out ’em like rolling a seven
I got the key to the door
Remember when I used to sleep on the floor
No eskimo but I pack heat in my coat
It ain’t no better feeling than bein’ awoke
Acknowledging God is the reason I’m dope
Make ’em fiend for the flow that make demons get ghost
He ain’t on my level so pray for the devil
For he is the sinner that needs it the most


Montana of 300 – FGE Cypher 7 Lyrics

[Verse 1: $avage]
Cypher 7, you niggas know the fuckin’ routine
Coming up I had it rough, yup every night I used to pray
I was tryna do it big, all a nigga had was faith
My bro in the cage, fightin’ for us like no MMA
Free the real, when they come home it’s a holiday
No it ain’t no MILF, when this fuckin’ .40 pop a pussy
I ain’t drinking on no milk, but I smoke a lotta cookies
I just came in the game, ballin’ on ’em like a rookie
Shorty see me shining, she blew on me like I fuck with Tookey
Money, drugs, and murder, I come from Peoria nigga
And I’m not Sean Livingston but I’m a warrior nigga
She thick and she bad as fuck, give me neck like I’m Dracula
Come through with this .50 spittin’ it’s gon’ be a massacre
Clapping at you like a graduation once I cap ’em up
Smoke a nigga like a session I ain’t even pass the blunt
Shooting at you like directors since you niggas acting tough
Now it’s ambulances backing up with bags to pack you up
Ain’t no question how I’m rocking we the fucking trending topic
If it’s beef, CP3, how I’m shooting with the rockets
FGE, taking off, while you haters sitting watching
Hit his teeth, with the iron like I’m golfing, get a coffin bitch

[No Fatigue: Verse 2]
FGE shit man, ha
‘Tigue in this bitch
I been grinding, feel like Weezy, I got money on my mind
You know that I play to win, like it’s money on the line
I’m not taking disrespect, all this shit gon’ get correct
Know some niggas cut like chess get X’d and boxed you look connect
Watch me ball just like a scout, on anyone who gon’ doubt
I know I’m gon’ make it out, I make all my haters pout
Some of my niggas move pillows like they tryna fix the couch
Soon as they get that shit in, you know they gon’ get it out
Tried to tell ’em we don’t play, that’s what’s tried and they failed
Watch these niggas, they not real, they not built for this, they frail
Bring that bullshit, and we sprayin’ tryna clear the smell
Y’all be the ones 12 that’s singing like 112
Smart and cute with a nice body, not for hogging couldn’t pass it
She was wanted just like Angela Jolie I gotta have it
Used to fuck her lost connection now shit lagging guess shit happen
Beat that pussy up, we go pound for pound we not dapping, uh
Every beat I touch, I murder, I know the feelin
Fans know when I’m on beast, like O’Neal I shall kill
No sirens got a clear path headed to the top
Pussy nigga might foul but he know that free shot
Ball in this bitch no blender bottle
Gotta thick bitch gon’ bend then swallow
I told bro we can’t give up, I don’t quit just like Apollo
Creed, I know I ain’t perfect I’m a sinner like MB but
I still pray everyday, and not just for me

[Verse 3: Talley of 300]
Yeah, Talley
FGE shit
Look, aye, going down they throat again
If they hate watch ’em swallow it hard
I’m gifted as a holiday card
These niggas sweeter than holiday heart
Bitch I been the truth, and gon’ be either when I meet God
I don’t speak watch the bodies I crop
But don’t get put in that closet it’s dark
So much shit follow my heart, had the heart in it
That’s spending they worth won’t get caught in it
I need everything blessed when I’m crossing it
So I searched for God’s power and harnessed it
Faith boosting me up like a starter kit
Said your word was the sword so I sharpened it
Now my verse is so worth you could auction it
I collect with a blame, but literally
And fuck shit ain’t safe if it’s near to me
I’m down to die for who’s dear to me
Hard for me to cry but it’s tears in me
Theres no fear in me, for every fuck nigga hearing me
I drive with that steel like I’m Harry B
And I pop it like a pill in me
So full of rage, I cage it
Only God knows how amazing
Don’t be a John Doe I’ma blaze him
He in church only Jesus could save him
I guess it’s with the beat when I take him
Wanna play it ain’t free I’m a gamer
Like 2K no 2 3 when I fade him
Put that lead in his sheets and erase him
Now back to that paper, aye
Like schooling nigga, and I been on my A game
I don’t know where you been nigga
I go hard as the freight train, I get shit moving nigga
Don’t think like I slang ‘cain
How your bitch tryna move in nigga
And I stay fly as a crane, high as Mariah could sing
And I like my dollars the same
So you know I’ma grind to the grave
Go axe if I slide, if I bang
Bet my city won’t lie on my name
Even though they know how I behave
They don’t know we got bodies for days

[Verse 4: Montana of 300]
Pray For The Devil right on schedule they can’t get me off his heels
Rap God bitch and yes I get paid for the flow no water bill
My shit been ill as coughing, still I’m on the road not off a pill
Don’t even start I’ll squeeze and spark Steven Seagal I’m hard to kill
I’m known to blow you all to chill get turned to fire Marshall Bill
Then you’ll know what I talk was real, and how inside a coffin feel
And niggas know how I’m shooting, you don’t want smoke like I’m Reggie
Let’s keep it G, you don’t want beef, you don’t want me like a deli
I hope you ready when I slide up on your ass like a wedgie
Come out the cut no machete, this bitch gon’ blow like it’s Becky
I’m godly with the bars, like the lord was my celly
I’m ’bout my cake Little Debbie, these rappers know they ain’t ready
They just my sons and right now I’m babying ’em like a belly
They say Montana got this bitch on lock but I ain’t R. Kelly
Im cooler than Uncle Jessie, known to snap Fonzarelli
You see the drip like I’m sweaty, you wanna jacket no Pelle
I made it happen with music, pour some strings like a cello
If you want war then I’m gon’ draw like Triple G and Canelo
I’m bringing heat like a kettle, yo ass is grass like a metal
You know my metal to put niggas in the dirt like a shovel
I’ll take you there like a shuttle, and take your soul like a pedal
Came out the hood not the ghetto and he thought he seen the Devil
I shot him in both of his thighs and the knee like Carmelo
I had him shaking like Jell-o then took his top off, LaMelo


Montana of 300 – Ooouuu (Remix) letras

[Intro: Montana of 300]
Rap god, man, FGE shit, man. You already know what it is man
You already know why I’m here, man
I ain’t like this fucking beat. Only doing this shit cause my fans asked me
In the studio, eating Halls and shit. Still sick with this shit

[Verse 1: Montana of 300]
These haters on my dick piss em off
Take a pic with his bitch flick him off
These rappers trying to steal my swag get the sauce
Sold they soul for a loan niggas lost
I was lit like a new torch,streets was my new sport
Belt buckle double g’s like two forks
Was drug dealing freakin balling like I was Too $hort
Was serving niggas in the mall like a food court
Deuce 5 on me I was Derrick Rose in New York
Had to put some squares in a box like some Newport’s
I grew older and my heart got colder
And my mind got stronger
And my money got longer
And them bitches got naked,and them people started hatin’
And my guns got bigger,so my flow got sicker
Let me tell you about this young cat,I always used to front packs
Was known for poking niggas for that paper like a thumbtack
I told them come rap, stop hangin with them dumb cats
It’s free J Real until the day my nigga comeback
I used to pull up on the block with the bass banging
Big Strap hug a nigga like he waist training
I catch you clowns running around get your face painted
I put the chrome to his dome cause I hate aiming
10K for a show, you better hurry before the price change up
Rap god the life bringer,The life changer
I hope they pull it, 30 bullets in my banger
Versace shoes on looking like the white ranger
And these bitches not my problem they ain’t stressing me
Bitch if you not my you bitch you can’t question me
And shawty wanna blow my whistle she be beggin me
You call her Stephanie?, I call her referee
Shawty got that fire head that’s a specialty
Head down between my legs OOOUUU pedigree
KP just called said he got another check for me
Like why you keep on sonning them I should get a vasectomy
Flow heavenly G.O.D. keep on blessing me
On my legacy
Saucing they want the recipe
I’m flyer then a Frisbee got all the bitches fetching me
And your bitch like my song she know every word like a spelling bee
Boy I swear we will be nothing breathing ahead of me
Came a long way from selling weed, wetting shit like the 7 seas
Stacking dough,and cracking hoes filling niggas with jealousy
Way before the felony’s had these bitch niggas scared of me
I promise if you threaten me, When I see you you better be ready to back it up because I’m on your heels like i’m Beverly
Killing the infidelity,After U like the letter V
Gun smoking so much I think God might just be inhaling me
My swagger said,Might bag ya bitch
Go through walls like casper shit
Might sent her back after I hit,Then go home to the baddest bitch
Thats savage shit,I spaz and shit
Rap god to some I’m blasphemous
I’ve mastered this,They mad as shit
They can’t stand me like Kapernick
I’ve passed the grace,[?]
My wrist matches Michael Jackson’s kicks
That 40 in my lap and shit,No poking me like cactus’s
And no more moving packages
I’m stacking chips,my cash is thick
They broke as hell but paying tithes
Reason there pastor is rich
Pole inside my jumpsuit look like I be running track and shit
This 30 be my magic stick
I shoot like I’m T Mack with it
Catch an opp in traffic like Lebron you know I’m [?] and shit
No joke and play,Just hope and pray one day I don’t go back to this