Elujay – We Don’t Mind Lyrics (feat. Samaria & Caleborate)

Just cause a nigga rapping, don’t mean a nigga don’t wanna see you smile
I know I’m being hella goofy but that’s just me, man, that’s really just who I am
You know, and I f**k with that, that you f**k with that too I hit it on the nose, then make you curl your toes
Cause you f**k with how authentic I am up at my shows
And that’s what got you chose
Being the woman that you are
These other women under you, they can’t even see your soles
Double metaphor, see the shoes that you walk in is hella pure
While you stepping towards, me and everything that I’m repping for
That 94704 got me through every door
Open my soul, and that I’m thankful for, I’m very sure
I would not be here if my demons wasn’t in the past like every bar
Give you my all, and then I’ll give you more
You know, like, this shit is something special, know what I’m saying
Something epic. [Hook: Samaria]
They say I should change my name, cause it might be too hard to pronounce
They say I should change my tone, cause it might come off as too loud, (I do not mind)
Baby I don’t care, at all, at all, at all
Baby I don’t mind, at all
[Verse 1: Elujay]
Yall been tweaking bout calling me on my government
I face a blunt, ain’t no pun intended in front of it
I’m fixated on dollar signs and accomplishments
I think it’s living and earning, just for the f**k of it
I think it’s wrong that you don’t sing along
I feed those roots until the season’s gone
A euphemism, boy you’re wrong
You like the vinyl with that needle on
And I could boost it like my favorite song, and sing it till the early dawn
Not changing my tendencies for the industry
This my chemistry never switching my energy
Off this routine, niggas be off that ketamine
Roll a loose leaf, shorty don’t really tend to chief
And I don’t mind but she be calling me my first name
I always compromise to everything upon a first date
Cause f**k what you’re telling me to do
I’ll never change my tone until you niggas tell the truth
[Verse 2: Caleborate]
Said I know you just want it all
And my last name, I’ll give you the master card
You can charge it to the game, I ain’t playing no more
Like I’m David Beckham, I ain’t stressing
Eden Hazard with the passing cause I’m really well connected
And every nigga got they problems, but they never check it
So how I’m wrong, if they ain’t got the answers to my questions?