Dirtydiggs – Obey Your Thirst Lyrics (feat. Lyric Jones)

Verse 1
Stella Artois
Clink clink glass
Voulez-vous coucher avec moi
Summon the valet, both foreign cars
Straight shot down Ventura Blvd
ESPN my channel of choice
He Grabbing my waist making me moist
Baritone voice
Thinking bout a couple hours prior
Now I’m here victim to desire
Shiiiiit I’m late 20 body lovely
Brown sugar butter so these rappers love me
Nubian queen goddess Steeze
Rip mics by any means
So can’t blame em
So lucky night for homie that’ll remain nameless
Let him taste me as the vinyl crackled
Ignited the propane, pure fuego
The next morning, got omelette and Toast before he hit Diego
Left his blazer with my fragrance mango
Verse 2
He said I never promised a rose garden
I’m like I beg ya pardon
Phone tag, missed calls
Late texts
No sense urgency, he got the draws great sex
Even the flyest of us get curved
Failed tests
Cyclical, obeying the thirst
Makes amo for a ill verse
While these chicks is butt hurt
Mastered the keep it moving tunnel
Vision still choosing
Never Stacy dash cluelesss
Can’t lie
When why I close my eyes
I can feel him kissing up my inner thigh
Bite his bottom lip, got his appetite high
Then its like I blink and he saying goodbye
So I’m here helping tying his double Windsor
Jos a bank signature
Went from all mine to a visitor
Too heated for a fire extinguisher
My thoughts sinister
Us, we to me, singular