Taog – Chinatown Lyrics

Louis V all on my back pack
I’m taking off so don’t blink
Tellin my haters to back back
You gotta step out the rink
I got that Chinatown (X8)
(Verse 2)
I got that Chinatown
I am not black, I’m brown
Every time I throw cash
She make that clapping sound
Pull up with black and white
Hit me with the text tonight
She got the lulu lemons on
That’s shit my kryptonite
I got an appetite
If shorty bad to the bone
She’s smart she givin me dome
I am not taking her home
I might just call her a lyft
You gotta go gotta dip
Double cub, I’m boutta sip
Hop in the whip, take a trip
I hop in the whip then I trip it
They smashin yo hoe
While you kissin
Boy stick to the mission
That money really got me itchin
An addict when I see the vision
Man make a decision
I switch the flow like transmission
They switch up on you cuz they bitchin
Boy this shit is funny
They didn’t know me
I was missin
They love me now because I’m winnin
(Verse 3)
Look how I drop with the walk
Look how I drop when I walk through
They can not tell who the boss it
Oh yeah, we look like the boss crew
I’m playing you in the bleachers
808 up through the speakers
She put my number in the phone
Nigga you know I delete her
I had to finess like a geeker
You actin surprised by the rules
Already doubled my features
Option I pick and I choose
Boy I’m always doin me
Oh little mama a freak
Right now I’m rollin the dice
Takin the chance every week
I might have missed me a keeper
I’ll get it back in a week
Sneak dissin shit I don’t like
You need to go take a seat
I got that Chinatown (X8) Pre song:
You already know what it is man
Aquafina in the booth
(Verse 1)
Imma go hard from the jump
I do not flex when I stunt
You left your girl with the squad, shit
Kick it with us like a punt
Oh yeah we got em like woah
Oh yeah we got em like please
They trynna plea from a distance
I’m on 1000 degrees
Told her to get on her knees
I’m basquiat with the paint
I do not care what she thinks
She gotta go if it stinks
Pour me a cup of the drank
Chinatown got me in sync
Taog spittin that fire
Well, I hit the booth in the [mink]?