Eleven Hundred Springs – See You In The Next Life Lyrics

See You In The Next Life Lyrics

You asked me if I wanted my jacket back,
You know it looks better on you.
I said “What about your favorite shirt?”,
You said I could keep that, too.
I said I’ll see ya next time but, baby I don’t know
I can’t help but feel like cryin’, it’ll never be the
same again.

You like Barbara Streisand, I don’t like her at all.
You like to laugh at people when they trip and fall.
And you don’t like the way I drive,
You’re always tryin’ to change my hair.
Guess I didn’t think I’d notice, guess I didn’t think
I’d care.

I could say we both saw it comin’, but I really don’t
think we did.
I could about how when we first met, we were still just
I could tear all of my hair out, tryin’ to think of
things to say
When all I really wanna know is, how the hell’d it end
up this way?

And maybe I laughed too much, but I knew it wasn’t all
a joke.
And maybe you didn’t think before everytime you spoke.
I think about all the good times and it cuts me like a
I hope that you don’t hate me, I hope I see you in the
next life.

You know, I wish I could make it work, cause I feel
like such a jerk.
I wish it wasn’t such a game cause I feel like I’m to
I’ve tried to make some sense, it feels wrong but I
think it’s right.
I hope I get a second chance if I see you in the next
life. –


I hope I see you in the next life.