Migos Feat. 21 Savage – “BBO (Bad B*tches Only)” Lyrics

(Chorus: 21 Savage)
AP on me, iced out
Tennis chains iced out
Whole pointers ’round my neck
Looking like a lighthouse (shine)
Yeah ni**a piped down, choppa make it pipe down
Running man running man catch me if you can
Bad b**ches only, bad b**ches on me (bad)
Bad b**ches only, bad b**ches on me
Bad b**ches only, bad b**ches on me (bad)
Bad b**ches only, bad b**ches on me
Hit it for a minute then I pass her to the homie (pass)
Hit her for a minute then I pass her to my homie
I don’t wanna see you when I wake up in the morning (nah)
Bad b**ches only, bad b**ches on me

(Verse 2: Quavo)
Bad b**ches and I know some savage b**ches (bad)
Get it on they own they don’t have to ask you b**ches (get it)
Postin’ pictures on the gram and at you b**ches (Posted)
Secure the bag, lifestyle real expensive (‘cure the bag)
All these bad b**ches looking for attention (attention)
Think she bad, fake bad she pretending (that ain’t bad)
If you pay to get in your bag then you winning (winning)
All these Jones soldier f**k it they call me Quincy
Popped that seal (popped it)
Close that deal (close it)
We in the field (yeah)
Spread them bills
Layin’ still (got damn)
Maybach seat with the sheers
AP shifting gears

(Repeat Chorus: 21 Savage)

(Verse 2: Offset)
That ain’t carats in my bracelets (carats)
Put her on molly she f**k me brazy (molly woo)
We in the field with stitch like this Arcadia (Pah pah)
Flippin’ the game you ni**as gon’ meet your maker
Goyard havin’ racks and no regard (racks, racks)
Walkin’ around with a bad b**ch, she a barbie
I started my engine, I’m nowhere, where the car is
Hop in the wraith she ask me what the stars is
Every month on the third we get to Narcs in
Dog’s barking then kick the door no larsen
Livin’ the wild life like I am Tarzan
I took your broad again she wanna come with the stars again

(Repeat Chorus: 21 Savage)

(Verse 3: Takeoff)
Bad b**ches on me, only bad b**ches want me
Hold up, where the bad b**ches
Look at all the sad b**ches
Say a hundred do two hundred on the dash smash ni**a (smash)
Who want it, cause we money ain’t no question ask ni**a (ask)
They done pawn it and the f**kers ain’t no runnin’ past ni**as (no)
Man we done it what’s important, who you trust a blast with you (who)
Make it spaz, that’s a quarter cash in the caterpillar
Porsche tags in the ni**a ass, I’m a cop killer (f**k)
Reggie Miller shoot ’em bill up
Say ‘Phillipo’ ni**a you say, “Fill up”
Double cup, codeine killer
Houston Texas, no who trilla?
Bad b**ches in the mirror told her take the team with her (bad)
Bet she take the team with her
Bring the blue and green lookin’ at my (ice)

(Repeat Chorus: 21 Savage)

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