Sybyr – My Hair Satan Wood Job Shitty2 Lyrics

Eccentric ass niggas bust that bull because we are not the devil aye aye
Running around everything looking god damn special
Everything looking like somebody metal
Mettle with hell, damn we rebel HA [Intro]
Ah shit, I can’t hear a goddamn thing, alright, well now
Welcome to the show, even though I hate this f**king
Everybody gotta their own motherf**kin’ strips
I gotta do bash three hoes, call her, get my dick wet
Bitch want me to try her burnt ass lemonade
That she got from the god damn grass
I’m not dumb bitch please back up
I do not care about your ass, aye
Ringe boy taking trash out you know I am not up next
f**k a time, f**k a order, everything’s a crime
Huh, god damn I’m the man of this shit got too much to say
f**k is you in for, everything looking so god damn gran dull
Illusion looking like plan door
Running around everything looking so god damn fresh
I don’t even give a damn, bitch throw it back
Need to get off bitch, I need some ass and a Tic Tac
f**k you talking to, f**k you talking about
God damn you don’t like me?