Stice – Vore Nite Lyrics

On this ride like a thot on some spite
Oh this bassist, ro rollist
Like anus crawler kind of tourist
Right or mistake? sew his head onto mine
And they say vores like a flavor that can roll up your spine
The clampy cousin f**ks the lobster like hes ready to cry
f**k im tall lets go sailing
Lets get lost in the sky this time
Whats wrong with mine and this city of crime
Like anothering
And im sick and i wanted to vibe Caught it crawling up the panties of the broad
Like wormy guts snatch baddy rats the ugly from beyond
Or was it cause i brawl so bad that nothing gets me off
The classy jug smells bad it makes me sick to suck at all
I kill it saw the soapy snake makes meat go bad
You kill it saw the meat in half makes 41
Like 1000 dead ants form to make a dancing skeleton
Id kill 10000 men
No access from beyond
Pray to get my crimey from the taboo of the cage
Like holes to get in graves to get in cherrys getting paid
White slime on his face hes screaming oh my god
That that very tender age
Underrated for of blood
Babys gots a mullet and im your tender friend
Limp hair to get this goblin kill bitch
Nobody likes this thread
Like hanging like a doll to make me put him in his bed
I swear ill eat again
No access from beyond
I got caught crawling into the hole inside of my head
King worm says its hard to take no one ever escapes
Like dark agent fights the man who japed himself twice
Like a dirty 90 night flight, fight us all til nighty night night
Worms aok but his nose cut for spite
And i can taste it, you can’t smell shit
Reproducing up my spine like a spore that hurts my mind
All the words are mean, nice, my he does felate
Mutate tonight to hate quote what spake light
Just bare it in this might sink in wait for it
Like a real life spoilage
Like a real life simulated spoilage
I f**ked this dude right
Blew his piece off cause he can’t screw right
What a waste cause i could see his eyes
And i would rather see his thighs
And i can relate to that
I asked the dr crawley never ever get me hot
A headless spineless formless creature finds its way up makes its way out
And it likes this taste eats your face then it turns the lights out such a waste right?