Stice – My Life As A Dog In Heat Lyrics

Like everyone I know
And if this seasick kid won’t like my mess
My ben Wa ball might go
I never want to feed myself
I never want to feed myself Smelly new boys mash the clit
My cunt fell off that piece of crap
My belly rub, my bitch unhitched
Hi whats that smell, that stench, that stink? Like killing bugs before
My John is somewhere pulling down the pants of wicked spine
Come team go deaf
Why can’t I be hated? Semi-comb that tent
Hide this waste of hymen flash bulb eyes are blinking left or red
He hid his bone on my head
And his biscuit in my bed got beef
Why has this kid got hair so sick
I fought this spigot taste like meat
That smell
Hairy condoms shoes on bed
Grunt f**k roll over
Roll over red rover
Bark brark woof woof
Dogrotica kid cocked me back
My cunts career is taking off
The furry ooze deserves respect
Dont eat just yet
This sea sick dick cheese cunt tree trunk christmas day
Me head is gone i need my neck x2
I need my neck I need my neck when I go home Ill eat my neck
Bad boy turn in horror
Dont hate why think in trouble
Wide seat bitch late like 7
Nice fork white zit
In heaven i can feed myself xxx
What is all this belching? A canker on the friend
Lets take your time and do it violent
And squash spiders on the mattress pad
Why do i waste nothing? Its rotting up the goil, lipey
Poor people, door steeple
Deep whore be small, say thanks peep hole
Show me something from you butt, Bark! How did you get in here?