Stice – Fourth Planet Lyrics

And I rub my nub
Gimme yon xxx
Fourth page planet big head f**k
Kill it Kill it Beat Cut it Kill it Kill it
Front page head hunt
Gimme yon spock pike
Chewy yon spock pike
Bobo barely calls me
Lady gotta f**k in a whole new world right
Call me johnny, Bobo thats right
Call me when the forehead f**ks itself every night
My thoughts are weird good god cut my head off its as the boys say
The forehead comes alive this summer f**ks on a bitch’s age From the Fourth Planet
f**ks WIlly on the forehead
Boyfriend, clerk, the great sick broken arm
Scoot out back watch Jark fight Jark
Sucky pick my ass apart
I think murder is real
Fourthrotica I come from planet Mass
Its wicked f**king sick and kiss my ass
The big forehead smells bad
Bobo wreck the beb
Hair too big for head
Head punch access yank the flesh expanding to the wall
My big sex bag of blood co-camera spirals makes no sense at all
My flood of shit cheap sandwich brick collects the mess from down the hall
Stab me wreck my face the forehead f**ks the eye brows to the eyeball
Baby got bad with a whole new look like
All men are wacking off
Maybe car crash chemical dont feel right
Vomit, mucus, say ‘Hi Mom!’
Should be soap like its all my fault
Parasite f**ks and kills my host
Its shame I tend to like the most
Fourth planet forehead looks like flesh
Baby got trashed with a bad man, yah right
Bald boys, violent banshee ghost rides
Bobo ditch the shouldn’t, the couldn’t and the would
Big head beat up!