Serbian Foreign Ministry announces readiness of four countries to revoke recognition of Kosovo

“We will begin to react politically. Article content Authors Tags Subscribe to RuTube RBC Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our RuTube channel

Источник What services are in demand Articles Pro Excessive optimism and other traps that prevent you from getting out of the crisis Instructions Pro Why Amazon stock collapsed and what will happen next Articles Pro “Domestic Entrepreneurs”: How to unleash the potential of an innovator Pro Articles Work 12 hours 6 days a week. It was recognized by most of the EU countries and more than a hundred countries— UN members. The next day, Serbs living in Kosovo took to the streets to protest. According to the Serbian leader, thanks to the Brussels agreements, the parties managed to “preserve peace for nine years.” These agreements were reached by the parties on April 19, 2013. “Today, I handed over to President Vucic the diplomatic notes of four states that revoke the recognition of the so-called Kosovo, and the Security Council authorized the president, at the moment he deems it necessary, to inform the public about which states are in question,” — he said. “We'll see what happens next, it's a matter of time, will everything collapse further or someone will try to blind it somehow”, — he added. Kosovo's Prime Minister Albin Kurti on March 24 ordered the dismissal of Serb judge Liliya Stevanovic from Kosovo's institutions of government. The Security Council of Serbia gave the head of state Vucic the right to announce which four countries are ready to withdraw the recognition of Kosovo in question

Pristina, Kosovo
Four countries that previously recognized Kosovo are ready to withdraw their decision due to violations by Pristina agreements with Belgrade. How to build communications for the remaining Instructions Pro How to abandon the Western HR system Instructions Pro Business is in line for cloud services. After that, the authorities were supposed to dismiss all Serbian commanders and policemen who were present at the meeting of the Security Council of Serbia. This was announced by Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovich, reports According to them, a Community of Serbian Municipalities (a body of self-government for Serbs living in Kosovo) should be created in Kosovo. Other paragraphs also state that the judiciary must be made up of a majority of Serbs living in Kosovo. Kosovo was formerly an autonomous republic within Serbia, but declared its independence in 2008. How it's to open a business in China Instructions
Vučić said that Kurti destroyed the peace agreements concluded in Brussels with Serbia. According to him, Kosovo Foreign Minister Donika Gerwalla-Schwartz confirmed her intention to apply for membership in the Council of Europe. According to him, there will be “stormy and important days” ahead. Read on RBC Pro Pro How the relevance of digital assets and currencies is changing Articles Pro Not all international business is gone. Selakovic added that Belgrade received information about the support of Pristina by two large states, without specifying which countries were in question. The day before, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced that Belgrade would convene a meeting of the country's Security Council in connection with the application of partially recognized Kosovo for accession to the Council of Europe. Russia, China, Iran, Serbia and a number of other countries have not recognized Kosovo as a separate state. Kosovo is a member of the World Bank, the IMF, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the International Olympic Committee, but is not a member of the UN, WTO and other international organizations. If someone thinks they can blackmail us and break Serbia <…>, it won't be so easy»,— he emphasized.