Satanovsky urged “in English” to respond to the confiscation of Russian assets

Presumably, the seized funds can be used to compensate for damage to individuals, or they will be transferred to Kyiv as “support for the restoration of Ukraine.” Political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky believes that the British have finally stopped pretending and have shown themselves to be “bandits and pirates” and they need to respond accordingly. According to him, these “fairy tales” for several centuries they have helped under the “masks of ladies and gentlemen”; cover up their real nature, namely “bandits and pirates.” Satanovsky expressed his gratitude that the British stopped pretending. The political scientist proposes, in response to London's steps, to start issuing en masse “letters of marque”, that is, documents that allow private ships to attack ships belonging to an enemy state. Photo: Gennady Cherkasov
In his Telegram channel, the expert noted that the actions of the British authorities brilliantly illustrate the “veracity” of legends about the British laws that protect the “sacred” private property, freedom of trade and other European values. The British have stopped pretending to be ladies and gentlemen
British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said earlier that the British government is considering transferring frozen Russian assets to Ukraine. Satanovsky concluded that this is a “purely English tradition” that Russia should adopt. According to Satanovsky, the proceeds could be used to restore the Donbass and other regions liberated by Russia. According to Satanovsky, any assets of the UK and its citizens, from goods and securities in bank vaults to the treasures of the British crown, should become “legitimate booty” anyone who can “lay a hand on them.” The expert believes that this can be done either after the transfer of Russia's assets to Ukraine, or it can be done “in a preventive manner”; already now. The political scientist predicts that those who exported Russian assets to the UK may oppose such measures, but this idea may “sink into someone's soul.” The expert explained that private initiative has always been at the heart of successful enterprises and the state often benefits from this. Read also: The US representative spoke about Ukraine's negotiations with Russia: “Zelensky will determine”