Revamp – In Sickness ’till Death Do Us Part: All Goodbyes Are Said Lyrics

My death meant peace for me! I found peace in my death My death meant my peace
When all goodbyes are said
Farewell! Don’t grieve, I’m gone, let me go! This ends here! Let me go (let me go)
Say all your goodbyes
Accept my death (as I did)
Inevitable for all life
No! Don’t grieve, I’m gone, let me go! Let me go (let me go)
But keep me alive
Within your heart (memories)
And promise me that I’ll remain
In my very soul you’ll live on
Even when I let you go you’re still there
A piece of myself will die with you, but let go, end your pain
End your pain
Feel no grief
Embrace salvation
My pain is gone while yours goes on (just began)
But live your life for me too (for me too)
Goodbye, I’m free now! Goodbye, I’m free now! I can’t! Don’t mourn, I’m free, let me go! This comes way too soon! How can I let go of you now?