Publico learned about the arrest in Portugal of Abramovich’s house worth €10 million

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According to the publication, this happened after Ukrainian President Zelensky advised Biden to wait with a decision on sanctions, as he could become an intermediary in negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv. The sanctions include an asset freeze and a travel ban. The house is located in Quinta do Lago, one of the richest communities in the Algarve. < p>Great Britain on March 10 imposed sanctions against Abramovich. However, Bloomberg sources later said that senior US officials once again insist on imposing sanctions against the billionaire after his trip to Kyiv to resume negotiations did not lead to significant results. In the Real Time Billionaires ranking of the richest people on the planet, which is compiled by Forbes, he is on the 219th line. Article content Authors Tags Subscribe to RuTube RBC Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our RuTube channel

Источник The operation attracted the attention of the Portuguese State Banking Corporation (CGD), which established that the company belongs to Abramovich's holding, and alerted the Judicial Police. Publico: businessman Roman Abramovich's house worth €10 million was arrested in Portugal” alt=”Publico learned about the arrest in Portugal of Abramovich's house worth €10 million” />
Roman Abramovich
Portuguese authorities with On March 25, businessman Roman Abramovich's €10 million property was frozen in the Algarve in the south of the country, local newspaper Publico reported. The Wall Street Journal wrote that the administration of US President Joe Biden was also preparing to impose sanctions against Abramovich, but the US National Security Council instructed the Treasury to refrain from imposing sanctions against him. On March 15, the EU announced the fourth package of sanctions against Russia, the restrictions also affected billionaire Roman Abramovich. The man asked for a loan of €5 million to buy real estate. Abramovich's property was frozen at the request of the Portuguese Foreign Ministry. Millhouse Views LLC tried to sell the house to a British citizen in February, according to the publication. In mid-April, the American magazine Fortune wrote that Abramovich visited Kyiv to discuss the possibility of resuming the deadlocked Russian-Ukrainian talks. RBC sent a request to Abramovich's representative. The fortune of Abramovich, according to Forbes, is $ 6.9 billion, he ranks 17th in the ranking of the richest businessmen in Russia. Roman Abramovich is the main owner of the Millhouse investment company. Nevertheless, the representative of the businessman then denied these data.