Politician: “Uralvagonzavod” began to study the self-propelled guns captured in Ukraine CAESAR

This is a fairly new development of the French company Nexter. Photo: In France, CAESAR self-propelled guns began to be operated in 2008. The 155-mm self-propelled artillery mount has fully automatic guidance and automatic feeding of projectiles. But we pay we are for this,” he added. “Thank you, Macron. As de Castelnau noted in his statement , the Russian military managed to get two installations fully operational. At the moment, they have already been delivered to Uralvagonzavod, where engineers are studying them by completely disassembling them. The installation is capable of firing 3 shots in 18 seconds. Источник French lawyer and politician Régis de Castelnau reported on social networks that he became aware of the capture by the Russian military in Ukraine of two CAESAR self-propelled artillery mounts, which Paris handed over to Kyiv. The long-range projectile M2005 V-LAP with a range of 54 km can also be used. “Another achievement of Macron,” the politician noted with irony. There was no official confirmation from the Russian Ministry of Defense about the capture of French CAESAR self-propelled guns. The maximum firing range for a high-explosive fragmentation projectile ERFB is 41 km, for an active-rocket projectile (for example, Excalibur) – 46-49 km.