Peskov explained Putin’s proposed candidacy for the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations

“Putin personally knows Kurenkov well. The interlocutor also said that in December last year, Kurenkov graduated from the Military Academy of the General Staff and received the rank of major general. The material is being supplemented. According to Peskov, Putin introduced a candidate for the post of head of the department “as soon as he considered it appropriate.” Answering the question whether the president could present Kurenkov in the Federation Council in person or via video link, the Kremlin spokesman noted that there are no exact plans yet. Deputy head of the State Duma Committee on Security Alexander Khinshtein said that Kurenkov had until now served as deputy director of the National Guard, oversaw the combat preparation. Read on RBC Pro Pro

How hard stagflation can hit the economy in 2022 For investors Forecasts Pro How to painlessly switch to the Russian document management system Instructions Pro Panic on the food market. Putin submitted Kurenkov's candidacy to the Federation Council the day before. A RBC source close to the Ministry of Emergency Situations said that he was an employee of the Federal Security Service (FSO), and also worked as Putin's senior adjutant. In which stocks to sit out the fall Forecasts Article materials Authors Tags Subscribe to Telegram

Источник Can the World Avoid Hunger? On May 24, the relevant committees of the upper house will consider his candidacy. How foreign media explain it Articles Pro The risk of an eternal bear market is real. And the choice means that, in the opinion of the head of state, Kurenkov's personal, service, and professional qualities will make it possible to perform these functions in the best possible way, — he explained. President Vladimir Putin personally knows Alexander Kurenkov, who he proposed for the post of Minister for Emergency Situations, well, press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov said, TASS reports.