Pendragon – For When The Zombies Come Lyrics

After all, it was you who let the bastards in
No shame or remorse
You sold me down the river
To ingratiate yourself with the ones you want to be with
Your shiny new best friends
It’s not as if you didn’t know it’s the means to an end
Too late to lock the door
Way too late to offer compassion to the poor
And still you look to save yourself
Don’t keep saying
‘What kind of God could let this happen?!’
We’re perfectly capable
Of being destructive all by ourselves
No one else needed, no one else
It’s the end, the end
‘This is Nick Barrett, 53, Swindon… Swindon
Signing off, thank you and good night
I only tried to let the light flow through the darkness
Light beats darkness every time
The light of God must shine through
Nothing can stop that
I hope you’re happy
Happiness isn’t where you think it is
I hope you’re happy…’ Newspapers blow across the park
The last living dog somewhere in the distance
Gnawing on the corpse of the rotten planet Earth
Driving your car through piles of twisted metal and dirt
How can you sit there and grin?