Pendragon – Explorers Of The Infinite Lyrics

Torn between there and here
I love you so much, but I just can’t breathe
((??)) God only knows…
With the demented demons in this pit of kings
Where death is nothing, meaning is everything
Whatever he meant, we all really know what he meant
For God’s sake, look after our people! Listen to the silence howling in your head
A stark reminder you’re alone
Feel the wind cut through your paper-thin skin
Maybe it’s the night that takes you home, takes you then
Unlocking my mind
Travelling the dark
Pack your bags and all you need
Try to keep calm- more haste, less speed
To climb the jagged peaks
With colorful people and colorful freaks
Away from the crass and daily mundane
To flirt with danger and the criminally insane
There’s a very good chance I may never come back
These are the new days, the uncharted track
It is what it is
There’s nothing you can do about it
Don’t think the wind’s your friend
‘Cause the wind won’t know your name
Pushing on up, forever