Pendragon – Beautiful Soul Lyrics

Raising up your golden calf
Human idols of your fixation
Would it hurt so much
To accept the truth of this fraudulent flirtation? The devil’s daughter that brings flowers and always sings
But never takes the time with the ones you love
Rage to the sun
Scream to the wind
Cry to the sky
What’s done is done
Rage to the sun all that you want, stupid freak
‘Til you tear out your nails and your hair
And that thousand-yard-stare
Say what you want
No one cares what you think anymore
You’re just as screwed up as the rest of us Perception is, without a doubt
The strangest of all our animal instincts
Dealt by deception
And a shameless ever self-promoting hand
Guided by a race that fails
To find a foothold of clear understanding
Still, you shine…
But the world’s full of fools
Too scared to climb the peaks of the truth
And there’s nothing you can do about that
Who’s gonna save you, beautiful soul?