New Kakhovka was left without gas after the shelling of the gas pipeline

In Novaya Kakhovka, shelling and the operation of the air defense system are regularly reported. One of the micro-districts of the city was left without electricity. Emergency recovery work will be carried out by emergency teams of the Kherson department of main gas pipelines,— the message says. In addition, as a result of the shelling, the power grids of the city of Tavriysk were damaged, the CAA notes. On September 25, air defense systems went off several times, and electricity was cut off in the city. The gas pipeline was damaged in the area of ​​the village, 50 km from Novaya Kakhovka. — RBC), ShRP (cabinet control points. The CAA of the Kherson region called the incident a terrorist attack. — RBC). Half an hour after reports of a blackout, the power supply was resumed. Authors Tags Subscribe to Telegram

Источник Gas supply will be stopped in the settlements of the Novokahovsky urban district and the Kakhovka district. As a result, two people died, including the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Party of Regions Alexei Zhuravko. On the night of September 29, there were five or six explosions in the city, the air defense system was working. The district center and the entire Kakhovka district were left without gas
The main high-pressure gas pipeline near the urban-type settlement of Brylevka, Kherson region, was damaged due to shelling, according to the telegram channel of the military-civilian administration (MCA) of Nova Kakhovka, which is located less than 50 km from the village. At the same time, the CAA refers to the data of the Novokakhovsk unified dispatch center. The shelling is also reported in Kherson. On September 25, the Play Hotel in the city was hit by a HIMARS MLRS. As a result, gas supply was cut off in Novaya Kakhovka. block gas distribution stations (stationary gas control points.