Named the consequences of the transit blockade of Kaliningrad for Russia

“First of all, additional vessels are involved in organizing the delivery of goods. Secondly, the region is ready for the independent production of some blocked goods,” the sociologist said, noting that, if desired, Moscow can give a tough response to the blockade of transportation. On June 20, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the transit blockade was “a violation of everything and everyone,” promising to conduct its deep analysis by the Kremlin before rather than take symmetrical steps. Photo: Global Look Press
The corresponding attack by Lithuania and the EU violates a number of multilateral agreements, the interlocutor of the publication shared his point of view. He compared Lithuania with Ukraine, describing the actions of the Baltic republic as ugly. The specialist pointed out that transit restrictions are unlikely to cause serious damage to the Russian Federation, and the authorities will easily solve the current situation. “I can immediately name half a dozen rather unpleasant and painful sanctions with which we can respond,” Korshunov said, calling for ensuring the self-sufficiency of the Kaliningrad transport system and finally refusing to transit through Lithuanian territory with the help of air and sea traffic through neutral waters. On June 18, it was reported that Lithuania had stopped the transit of goods subject to sanctions through Kaliningrad. “The region is ready”
The transit blockade of Kaliningrad is a tragic mistake that will further worsen Russian-Lithuanian relations. According to the governor of the region, Anton Alikhanov, the transport blockade is a gross violation of the rules of free transit and protocols for the accession of the Baltic countries to the European Union. Transit will increase along sea routes. At the same time, the expert noted that this is the traditional practice of the Baltic states with regard to issues related to the Russian Federation. He stressed that the introduced restrictive measures would not affect passenger traffic in any way. This is how sociologist Alexei Korshunov assessed the consequences of Vilnius's actions for Russia in an interview with REGNUM. ru” that the Russian Federation will be forced to take tough actions to protect Kaliningrad in the event of a deterioration in social conditions caused by the blockade by Vilnius. In his opinion, the Russian side can take some retaliatory steps. Источник In turn, the senator of the upper house of the Russian parliament, Sergei Tsekov, said in an interview with