Moneybagg Yo – Intro Lyrics

[Verse 1]
When I was broke they wasn’t intimidated
Ran up some paper, they started hating
Jizzle told me just keep going in
And shit on they ass like you constipated
Got me feeling myself, not no masturbation
Thirty inch off that Glock just for altercations
I go hard for this shit ‘cause I had a passion
I just blew a few thou’ while up in [?]
Had to run it up, it was rent time
Kids need the shit and you know I had to get mine
Had to go hard, it was crunch time
We was on the road doin’ shows then fish died
Feel like the devil was f**kin’ with me
Super bowl night, man I can’t forget it
Two found dead in a car, no witness
Get the call, damn it my nigga Emmitt
I was just with him like yesterday
Man I wish today was yesterday
Just to kick shit and parlay with him
Now my nigga gone man, andale
Had to shake back, had to get my mind right
Flooded out watch, had to get the time right
Pour up, toast up, drink a D’usse with me
We was broke as a [?], lord be my witness
I’m straight from the bottom with it
Haters wish I was still there
I like changing the vibes up
So now I be everywhere
I be all at your bitch place
f**k them twenties, I want big faces
Yeah I literally smoke strong
You would think the weed lift weights
That’s for sure though
I mean I saw it a long time ago man
We gotta do this shit
Like f**k the haters man
If they wanna hate, let ‘em hate
And if they want war we gon’ give it to ‘em
f**k ‘em
[Verse 2]
Whatever they wanna do we can do it
If it ain’t ‘bout that money, I don’t get into it
That’s how I get into it
So don’t come around me with that f**kery
Better get you a feature, want to rap with me
Man I waited so long, this was meant for me
Stayed down now I’m buzzin’, no bumblebee
Really live this lifestyle, they just talk the street
Bitches everywhere, can’t get ‘em off of me
With this mojo I’m feeling like Austin P
Remember days had the mask on, no Halloween
OG told me young nigga apply some pressure
Money right so I went head and iced the bezel
I’m so dope you can drop me and get some extras
Thinkin’ to myself man this shit now or never
I’m finna go in hard ‘cause that’s how I came
Got your bitch in a foreign thang switching lanes
I’m just dealing with the money and the shit it bring
So many damn problems you would go insane
Man, I’m dealin’ with too much at one time right now
Man, I’m f**kin’ two bitches at one time right now
Man, my nigga dead but it feel like he right here
Tellin’ me man, Yo this your year
ELO voices all in my ear, for real