Merle Haggard – You’re Not Home Yet Lyrics

Beautiful isle of somewhere
If you’ve got two or three minutes
I’d like to tell you a story
And this a story about a preacher
And I know there’s a lot of stories about a lot of preachers
But this is a story of one particular preacher
Who went overseas to fight a war
And this was a war for God and not for any one country
And he fought a long hard fight and he won a lot of souls
But this preacher got old and he was coming home
Now he just happened to be on the same ship
With what some of us call a celebrity
And when the boat docked
There were thousands of people waiting
To meet the celebrity
And they carried him off on their shoulders
But there was no one there
To meet the old preacher
And he looked up and he said
“Lord did you forget?”
Well, it seemed like the Heavens just broke open
And the Lord said, “No son I didn’t forget
But you must remember
You’re not home yet”
You’re not home, you’re not home
You’re not home yet
I can still hear my Lord’s voice ringing
“There’ll be a crowd to meet you
A choir of angels to greet you
I didn’t forget but son
You’re not home yet”