Kodak Black – Talk About It Lyrics

[Intro: Kodak Black]
Aye, she know I be runnin’ it, too
Lil’ shawty know I’m full of love
She know I’m bullshittin’
Aye, King, stop playin’, boy, turn the light on in here

[Verse 1: Kodak Black]
She know I’m bullshittin’, she know I’m running the game
Lil’ shawty know I’m selling dreams, she buyin’ it anyway
Start some beef with me, boy, it’ll be over any day
And my plug come from Italy, yeah he keep me paid
Everyday I’m sippin’ on remedy, yeah I keep that drink
They need to free my dogs literally ’cause they in a cage
I fuck with youngins sometimes
You straight, but you got crooked ways
Life’s a gamble, crushin’ [?] my ace of spades
Know I used to fuck with [?] ’til I heard he gay
I heard a nigga stuck a broom right up his dirty ass
And, I be on a molly sippin’ [?]
And, I don’t like nobody, so get out my face
And, I be out here wilin’, bitch, I’m young and violent
Aye, I get out my [?], I get out my lane
I be wearing Venus, I get out my space
The Devil, he be creepin’, get him out my space
I’m slidin’ wit’ my toast, but it’ll get you baked
And, I don’t need a holster when it’s on my waist
Yeah, I’m a hell raiser, but I’m heaven made
I’m a Gemeni, so I got 7 ways
And I poured the lean up in my [lemonade?]
I use this shit to my advantage, call it 7 days
And I stack it like a sandwich wit’ no mayonnaise
I spent some time wearin’ [?], but I don’t ever see

[Verse 2: Humble Haitian]
[?] casino while my niggas play spades
Niggas be like bitches, they be throwin’ shade
Bitch, get out my face, don’t like them anyway
Bitch, I’m gettin’ money, no [?], and I got laid
I’m like a horse on hay, I’m talking Mary Jane
Let my [?] keep that heat, but I’m in [?]
Nigga come ’round playin’, snipers make you hit the floor
Stay strong, nigga
Bitch, I’m on my 10 toes

[Verse 3: CBE]
From a nigga, call it [?]
Through FedEx, sell it on Ebay
My goons goin’ crazy, they goin’ insane
Mention my name, I’m aimin’ at yo’ brain
Far from [dual lanes?] we are not the same
Took a nigga bitch, he ain’t seen the hoe since
That fed don’t make dollars, they don’t make cents
[?] in the head with the llama, call it common sense

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