Italy’s Interior Ministry announces center-right leadership in parliamentary elections

Early parliamentary elections were scheduled after President Sergio Mattarella signed a decree on July 21 to dissolve the previous composition. Read on RBC Pro Pro Which assets are safer to invest in during a crisis Articles Pro How the driver's family created a business with a revenue of $ 5.99 billion Articles Pro with oil prices in the event of a global recession if you're anxious: 5 Tips Instructions Pro First after Mask. This year, 63.9% of eligible Italians took part in the parliamentary elections in Italy, then— 73.04%. Turnout in Italy has fallen sharply by 9 percentage points since the 2018 elections, said Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese. At the same time, the center-left parties (the Democratic Party, the Alliance of the Left and the Greens, + Europe) receive by this moment in the elections to the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate 26.64% and 26.38% of the votes. The centre-left forces have already admitted defeat< img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="The Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs announced the leadership of the center-right in parliamentary elections" />< /p>
The center-right coalition leads the counted ballots in the early parliamentary elections in Italy, the Forza Italia, the Brothers of Italy, the League and “We Moderates” get 43.98% to the Chamber of Deputies and 44.16% of the votes to the Senate, the Rai agency reports, citing the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic. more than any other party. Among them, the leader is the Brothers of Italy party, which is headed by Georgia Meloni, about 26% of those who voted for it in the elections to both houses of parliament. The department performs the functions of the election committee. Italy's Interior Ministry: Center-Right Coalition Leads in Parliamentary Elections The Brothers of Italy receive about 26% of the vote, leading among all other parties in the Italian parliamentary elections. In total, the center-right coalition received about 44% of the vote. “Start with what is necessary, then with what is possible, and suddenly you find yourself doing the impossible,” — she said at night during a speech to supporters. The Secret History of the Indian Rich Man Who Overtook Bezos Articles

Источник Before that, Prime Minister Mario Draghi resigned due to a split in the cabinet. In the “Democratic Party” have already admitted defeat, such a statement was made by Deputy Chairman Deborah Serrakchiani during a press conference. The cause of the political crisis was the refusal of the “Five Star Movement”, which was part of the ruling coalition, to vote for a bill to help the population due to inflation, filed by the team of the former prime minister.