Inner Axis – Riders Of The Mist Lyrics

In the dim dusk they come
There’s nowhere to run
The mist is a tide
And on it they ride
Six shooters burst
Death kills their thirst
They’re coming to grind
Your treacherous kind
When wrong has been done
With the mist they will come
So when horses you hear
Look to the hill
They are forsaken
‘till vengeance is taken
They are riding to kill
And find you they will
Riders of the mist
With fury they ride
There’s nowhere to hide
In justice they deal
There is no appeal
A bloodthirsty path
Vengeance and wrath
In death they will deal
The wronging to heal
The corpses will scatter
Under hooves they will splatter
The guilty will fall
Still they ride tall
And after the kill
They ride to the hill
In the mist they will hide
To glory they ride