Inner Axis – Hellbenders Lyrics

Sentenced they were
To burn into the eternal fire
Break the devil’s chains
Evil is out
Hell puked them out
No god, no devil they obey
Terror in the streets
The hunting is on
Beasts and demons out of the puring fire
Devils and monsters growl into the dark
Spread the word – hell is out
Hellbenders are riding in the night
Hell’s broke loose, evil in the twilight
Blood bound they are, forever they shall fight
Hellbenders are riding tonight
Masters they have none
The underworld can’t hold them
Free to burn this place again
Meltdown is on
Hungry for flesh
Trail of destruction behind them
No remorse this night
The march of the beasts has begun
The storm begins to grow
Screams of agony and pain
Won’t give no mercy
The blackened souls will rise