In the UK, a criminal case was opened against Russian billionaire Pyotr Aven: he spends more than he should

According to them, the criminal case was initiated on article “Violation of sanctions”. “We don’t understand how to survive,” – Petr Aven complained earlier. Local authorities imposed sanctions on the businessman and found that he was able to circumvent them. Sanctions were imposed on the businessman. But it has been established that he spends more and “lives beyond his means.”
By the way, earlier the media spread Aven's complaints that after the sanctions he did not know how to live on. On March 1, Aven and Fridman resigned from the board of directors of Alfa-Bank. Then the Russian oligarch complained that his business was destroyed, and he had been building it for 30 years. Join our VK group to keep abreast of events in Russia and the world
Источник Nor did he understand how his stepdaughter would drive. Recall that the EU imposed sanctions against Petr Aven, Mikhail Fridman and other Russian officials and bankers on February 28. As Topnews wrote earlier, Pyotr Aven denies that he has a “special relationship” with Vladimir Putin, but admitted that the president warned him in advance about sanctions. TASS reports on the initiation of a criminal case, citing a source from Aven’s entourage. According to the restrictions, Aven can spend no more than £ 2.5 thousand per month. He will not be able to hire a cleaner, a driver – and the businessman himself did not drive. Russian media reported the opening of a criminal case in the UK against the head of the board of directors of Alfa-Bank, Petr Aven. Aven was not going to leave Britain. Now even partners are afraid of him personally They were also afraid of the authorities.