How has the calculation of the amount of certificates for rehabilitation facilities changed?

Money for TCP is reserved on the Mir card and are transferred to the seller upon purchase. So far, the new mechanism for determining the amount available with an electronic certificate for the purchase of TCP is valid until January 1, 2023. Most of these purchases were completed last year, when prices were different. Recall that an electronic certificate for the purchase of TMR can be obtained by any citizen who has the right to provide TMR (disabled people who have suffered from accidents at work, who have received an occupational disease). Rate the material
Источник TSW should be written into the rehabilitation program (IPRA). Of course, according to the law, people with disabilities have the right to receive technical means of rehabilitation free of charge at the expense of the state, but in this case they will have to wait for some time. This means that in the current situation, people with disabilities would have to pay a lot of money from their own budget in order to purchase the necessary technical means of rehabilitation. < p>What does the new procedure for determining the cost of an electronic certificate for TCP mean and what are its advantages, “AiF” experts of the Social Insurance Fund explained. 21. You can issue an electronic certificate by submitting an application through the State Services portal or in person by contacting the territorial office of the Social Insurance Fund. Unfortunately, the increase in prices affected not only products and basic necessities, but also medical products for the disabled. Got it from Azovstal 25/05/2022 Story Social insurance
New The Government Decree will help make it easier for people with disabilities to receive technical rehabilitation equipment. You can not wait and purchase the necessary product yourself using an electronic certificate or receive compensation after the purchase. Not everyone has the opportunity to do this. Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. That is, the amount that will be recorded on the certificate and with which it will be possible to pay for TCP will be equal to the amount of this last purchase. However, the amount of the electronic certificate, as well as the amount of compensation, was previously determined according to the last fully executed state contract for the purchase of the same rehabilitation device using the FSS funds in this region. Now you can buy a cane, a stroller, a hearing aid, diapers at the current market price, even if their cost has increased over the past two months. To solve this problem, a government decree of May 6, 2022 was adopted on a new method for calculating the cost of an electronic certificate for the purchase of TSR. According to the new methodology, in order to calculate the amount of a certificate for TSR, a state contract should be used, during which at least one product was delivered (work performed, service rendered) within 60 calendar days before the date of submission by a disabled, insured person of an application for the provision of goods, work or service using an electronic certificate. Then the authorities will analyze its effectiveness and decide on its extension or change.